Bethesda recently released an update for Fallout 4 titled “Next Gen Update 2” that aimed to address the issues from the previous update. This update included new graphics settings for the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, but users were cautioned against altering default settings.

While the ability to control graphic fidelity and performance was appreciated by players, Bethesda’s recommendation to stick to default settings raised concerns. The wording used by the developers does not inspire confidence in the new settings, especially after the poor reception of the first next-gen update.

New Graphics Settings

The update introduced a frame rate target option allowing players to choose between 30, 40, and 60 FPS, with 60 FPS being the default. However, selecting 40 FPS requires a display capable of supporting 120Hz. Additionally, players can now choose between visual and performance modes, with performance being the default setting.

The developers’ emphasis on maintaining the recommended frame rate target, even when choosing different graphic settings, raises eyebrows. This choice of words may not sit well with players expecting a seamless gaming experience with the new update, especially considering the update’s name.

Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

The patch also included bug fixes for general stability improvements and addressed a visual issue with certain imagespaces. However, the lack of significant improvements for PC players, apart from fixing a character name field issue in widescreen mode, may leave some players feeling overlooked.

While Bethesda’s “Next Gen Update 2” for Fallout 4 addressed some key issues and introduced new graphics settings, the caution against altering default settings and the problematic wording used in the update announcement may dampen players’ enthusiasm. It will be important to monitor performance analyses following the update to determine the true impact on gameplay experience.


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