The Rabbit R1 launcher APK was successfully downloaded and run on a Google Pixel 6A by Mishaal Rahman at Android Authority. Despite some limitations in functionality, the software was able to operate on a midrange phone from almost two years ago.

Rahman used the volume-up key on the Google Pixel 6A in place of the R1’s single hardware button to set up an account and interact with the app. However, he noted that certain system-level permissions could not be granted, potentially affecting some of the functions of the app.

The ability of the Rabbit R1 launcher to function on a non-Rabbit device suggests that it may have more similarities to a standard Android app than originally thought. This raises questions about the uniqueness and exclusivity of the R1 launcher.

Initial reviews of the Rabbit R1 have been less than favorable, citing concerns such as fast-draining battery life. However, Rabbit has released a software update to address some of these complaints, including improvements to battery performance. Despite these updates, the overall utility and value of the R1 are still in question.

As more reviews and analyses of the Rabbit R1 emerge, it becomes apparent that the device may not offer enough unique features to justify its existence as a standalone product. The similarities to standard Android apps raise concerns about the potential overlap in functionality. Ultimately, the Rabbit R1 may have been better suited as a software application rather than a separate hardware device.


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