Apex Legends Season 21: Upheaval is gearing up to bring some major changes to the Apex Games, with the introduction of a new Legend, significant map revamps, and the return of a popular game mode. Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know before diving into the action.

New Legend: Alter

Season 21 will see the arrival of Alter, a mysterious and dimension-hopping character who Respawn has labeled as a “villain.” Trained in combat by a secretive organization, Alter’s past remains shrouded in mystery, with her penchant for weaving half-truths and falsehoods making it difficult to discern her true origins. Despite the uncertainty surrounding her background, one verifiable fact is that Alter is fluent in Cantonese, adding a cultural dimension to her character that sets her apart from others in the game.

One of the most exciting additions in Season 21 is the return of Solos Mode to Apex Legends, a feature that players have been eagerly anticipating. Solos will replace Duos Mode for the first six weeks of the season, allowing players to test their skills in a solo environment. The new iteration of Solos Mode will include enhancements such as fully-kitted weapons and a Respawn Token, giving players a second chance to re-enter the game after being eliminated.

Broken Moon, a popular map in Apex Legends, is receiving a much-needed makeover in Season 21. The centerpiece POI, Promenade, is being replaced by a new area called Quarantine Zone, designed to address loot distribution issues and improve squad rotations. The map’s aesthetic changes reflect the aftermath of a recent collision with a stasis net satellite, resulting in mutated flora and the discovery of mysterious alien eggs. The addition of Quarantine Zone adds a new layer of intrigue to the map, setting the stage for unique gameplay experiences.

Legend Balancing: Ability Reworks

In Season 21, several Legends are receiving buffs and tweaks to their abilities. Newcastle’s Castle Wall ultimate ability is being reworked to now block both bullets and grenades, providing a more robust defensive option for players. Additionally, Legends like Catalyst and Crypto are receiving enhancements to make them more competitive in the Apex Games. While the specifics of these changes have yet to be revealed, the upcoming patch notes are sure to shed light on how these adjustments will impact gameplay.

With the upcoming launch of Apex Legends Season 21: Upheaval, players can look forward to an array of exciting new features and improvements. From the introduction of Alter as a new Legend to the return of Solos Mode and the revamped Broken Moon map, Season 21 is shaping up to be a thrilling chapter in the ongoing saga of the Apex Games. As the season unfolds, players can expect to see a shift in gameplay dynamics and the emergence of new strategies as they navigate the ever-evolving world of Apex Legends.


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