Apple is reportedly in talks with Google to integrate its Gemini generative AI technology into the iPhone, according to a recent report by Bloomberg. Additionally, the company has also explored the option of incorporating OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its devices. CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that Apple is dedicating a significant amount of time and resources to developing artificial intelligence features, with plans to introduce them to users later this year.

According to Bloomberg’s findings, Apple’s upcoming AI capabilities may utilize a combination of both proprietary and third-party AI models. It is speculated that on-device generative AI functionality could be powered by Apple’s own models with the release of iOS 18, while cloud-based AI features such as text and image generation might be made possible through collaborations with companies like Google.

If a partnership with Google materializes, Apple would not be the first tech company to leverage Google’s AI technology for its products. Earlier this year, Samsung incorporated Google’s AI features into its Galaxy S24 smartphones, and Google’s AI technology is a central component of its Pixel 8 devices. The specific branding or integration of Google’s AI into Apple’s devices is still undecided, but the potential deal raises questions about the competitive landscape and industry dynamics.

Apple’s existing agreement with Google to feature Google Search as the default search engine on its devices has come under scrutiny from regulators. The US Department of Justice has accused Google of leveraging such agreements to unfairly dominate the search engine market. A further collaboration between Apple and Google on AI technology could extend Google’s influence to the vast user base of iPhones worldwide, potentially leading to regulatory challenges.

Despite Apple’s efforts to develop its own AI capabilities, internal testing of an in-house chatbot named Apple GPT and the existence of a large language model codenamed Ajax, industry analysts suggest that Apple’s AI technology may lag behind competitors. The potential reliance on Google’s AI tools could indicate a recognition from Apple that it needs to enhance its AI offerings to remain competitive in the market.

Apple’s negotiations with Google to incorporate AI technology into the iPhone signal a strategic shift towards enhancing the company’s AI capabilities. While the specifics of the partnership remain uncertain, the move reflects broader trends in the tech industry towards AI integration and collaboration between leading tech companies. Apple’s ambition to deliver cutting-edge AI features to its customers underscores the critical role that AI plays in shaping the future of consumer technology.


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