Asus has unveiled the latest addition to its handheld gaming PC lineup, the ROG Ally X. This new device is set to be an improved version of the original ROG Ally, promising significant upgrades across various aspects. While details are still sparse, the company has hinted at some key enhancements that gamers can look forward to.

Unlike a complete redesign, the ROG Ally X will retain some elements of its predecessor while introducing noteworthy improvements. For starters, the new handheld will come in a sleek black colorway, offering a fresh aesthetic appeal. Asus representatives Jake Kulinski and Whitson Gordon have hinted at enhancements in battery life, storage, RAM, ports, and potential physical changes to the device itself. These changes indicate a focus on delivering a more efficient and user-friendly gaming experience.

Enhanced Battery Life

One of the standout features of the ROG Ally X is its substantially improved battery life. Asus employee Shawn Yen has confirmed that users can expect a significant upgrade in this aspect, providing extended gaming sessions without the need for frequent recharging. While specific details are yet to be revealed, the enhanced battery performance is a promising development for mobile gamers.

Hardware Upgrades

In addition to improved battery life, the ROG Ally X is rumored to offer more RAM, an extended M.2 SSD slot, and redesigned joystick modules. These hardware upgrades suggest a focus on enhancing performance and versatility, catering to the evolving needs of gamers. Moreover, Asus has addressed past issues by relocating the SD card slot to prevent potential returns, demonstrating a commitment to product improvement based on user feedback.

On the software front, the ROG Ally X is expected to introduce a new version of Armoury Crate in July 2024. This updated software will feature new tabs, navigation tools, and the ability to share controller mapping profiles, reminiscent of the popular Steam Deck. While the device will retain AMD’s Z1 Extreme chipset and a 1080p 7-inch IPS screen, the software enhancements aim to enhance the overall user experience and customization options.

Anticipated Release and Final Thoughts

Asus has teased a full reveal of the ROG Ally X on June 2nd, promising more detailed information on the device’s specifications and features. With its focus on improved battery life, hardware upgrades, and software enhancements, the ROG Ally X is shaping up to be a compelling option for mobile gamers. While some details remain shrouded in mystery, the anticipation is high for Asus’ latest handheld gaming PC and the potential it holds for the gaming community.


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