Former President Barack Obama recently declined an offer to appear in the upcoming sci-fi series “3 Body Problem.” The show, created by the minds behind “Game of Thrones,” David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, reached out to the former President for a cameo role, but he politely declined. Despite this, Obama left a humorous note explaining his decision, stating that he was saving himself for a real alien invasion.

Obama’s interest in the sci-fi genre is well-known, with his admiration for the source material, the Liu Cixin novel “The Three-Body Problem,” evident. In 2017, Obama mentioned that the book helped him find solace during his time as President, providing an escape from the daily challenges of running a country. The idea of aliens potentially invading Earth put his own problems into perspective.

The topic of aliens has surfaced in Obama’s past remarks, including a lighthearted inquiry about the existence of a secret alien lab following his first election. Despite not finding any evidence of extraterrestrial life forms during his presidency, his fascination with the unknown remains a part of his persona.

In addition to his fondness for science fiction, Obama is a self-proclaimed fan of “Game of Thrones.” He even utilized his influence as President to gain access to early episodes of the popular fantasy series. Furthermore, the Obamas have ventured into the entertainment industry with a Netflix deal, producing the apocalyptic film “Leave the World Behind,” featuring Julia Roberts.

“3 Body Problem” is set to premiere on Netflix on March 21, showcasing the culmination of Benioff and Weiss’s $200 million production deal with the streaming giant. Alongside this series, the duo is working on another project titled “Death by Lightning,” a dramatic portrayal of the 20th US President James Garfield and his assassin, Charles Guiteau.

Overall, while Obama may have missed out on a cameo in “3 Body Problem,” his enduring passion for science fiction and storytelling continues to shape his post-presidential ventures. As he navigates the realms of entertainment and beyond, his distinctive persona remains a noteworthy presence in popular culture.


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