Canberra-based studio Blue Manchu recently made an exciting announcement during the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted showcase. They unveiled their highly anticipated sequel to Void Bastards, titled Wild Bastards. The developers provided the audience with a first look at gameplay footage and early glimpses of the game’s characters. With promises of expanded maps, a variety of environments, and an enhanced sense of style, Wild Bastards aims to build upon the success of its predecessor.

John Chey, the designer at Blue Manchu, described Wild Bastards as an extension and expansion of Void Bastards. According to Chey, this sequel will offer players fresh challenges and a greater level of variety. The game will feature six completely different environments, ranging from snow-covered mountains to airless, low gravity hostile worlds. Each environment will offer distinct gameplay elements, including different sight lines, levels of cover, and environmental hazards.

In addition to expanding the gameplay, Blue Manchu is focused on enhancing the personality and character of Wild Bastards. Instead of generic “clients,” the game will introduce a cast of more colorful and recognizable outlaw heroes. One character, Smoky, is a cook who tragically burned to death. However, Smoky now controls fireballs, turning their tragic fate into a supernatural advantage. Another character, Hopalong, is a snake-man-cowboy armed with a lasso to trip up enemies and eliminate them from battle. The game will also feature other unique outlaws, such as Kaboom, who can turn friends invisible, and Preach, who can share health pickups.

Chey revealed that Wild Bastards will incorporate a friendship system similar to Darkest Dungeon 2. Players will need to unlock the abilities of each character by developing their friendships. Each character will provide distinct advantages on the battlefield, making the system an integral part of the gameplay experience.

As players navigate through the game’s labyrinth-like stages, the abilities of these outlaw heroes will prove invaluable. Wild Bastards offers a rogue-like combat-exploration experience that will continuously challenge players as they progress. With an expansion of maps, diverse environments, and an improved style, Blue Manchu aims to captivate both fans of the original Void Bastards and newcomers to the series.

As Blue Manchu ramps up the development of Wild Bastards, fans eagerly await the release of this exciting sequel. The enhanced variety of environments, the introduction of memorable outlaw heroes, and the incorporation of a friendship system promise an engaging and immersive gaming experience. With its fresh challenges and expanded gameplay mechanics, Wild Bastards is set to become a must-play for fans of the rogue-like genre. Keep an eye out for further updates from Blue Manchu as they continue to shape the future of gaming with Wild Bastards.


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