Bluesky, the social networking platform, has recently made headlines by changing its policy on allowing heads of state to sign up. This shift in approach comes a little over two months after the platform opened for general signups. The site initially asked users not to invite “recent/prominent heads of state,” citing a policy against accommodating them. However, with the implementation of a new heads-of-state policy, Bluesky seems ready to embrace a new challenge.

Initially, when Bluesky first started, it was described as being in its “showing-everyone’s-ass phase,” lacking a proper moderation approach. The platform was filled with a mix of content, including unsettlingly sexy pictures of the character Alf from the 1980s sitcom. It was clear that Bluesky was not yet prepared to manage world leaders alongside other users. However, with the introduction of a new moderation system, users can now create their own filters using the open-sourced Ozone tool, offering more control over the content they see.

Bluesky sets itself apart from other social networks by offering unique features. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all algorithm for feeds, the platform allows users to customize their feeds with user-generated options. In addition to the standard Discover and Popular With Friends tabs, Bluesky now includes hashtags in profile bios and the ability to long-press links to share them. This approach gives users more control over their experience on the platform.

As Bluesky updates its policy to welcome world leaders, some have already started to join other platforms. For example, US President Joseph Robinette Biden’s account has begun using limited fediverse integration on Threads. Despite this, it seems that Biden has not yet joined Bluesky, leaving room for speculation about the presence of world leaders on the platform in the future.

Overall, Bluesky’s evolution to include world leaders marks a significant shift in the platform’s direction. By adapting its policies and introducing new features, Bluesky is taking steps towards building a more diverse and inclusive community. It will be interesting to see how the platform continues to evolve and attract new users in the coming months.


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