Capcom recently revealed their plans to address Dragonsplague afflictions in Dragon’s Dogma 2 in order to improve the overall player experience. The studio acknowledged the high priority of Dragonsplague tweaks in the game’s next major update, along with other fixes for minor issues and adjustments to Pawn behavior.

One of the key changes in the upcoming update is the reduction of infection frequency of Dragonsplague. Capcom will also be adjusting the signs of Pawns infected with Dragonsplague to make them more noticeable. For example, infected Pawns will have more noticeable glowing eyes, making it easier for players to identify them.

Managing Infected Pawns

While the update aims to make it easier for players to identify infected Pawns, dealing with Dragonsplague will still be a challenging task. Players will need to take proactive steps to address the condition of infected Pawns before they explode and pose a threat to nearby towns. This can involve dismissing the infected Pawn, allowing them to die in battle, or purposefully killing them by specific methods.

In addition to addressing Dragonsplague concerns, the upcoming patch for Dragon’s Dogma 2 will introduce options for zooming in on Arisen and Pawn faces. It will also fix issues related to the game’s mini-map, escort quests, and jail. Furthermore, Pawn behavior and dialogue will be adjusted to make them smarter and less prone to dying in avoidable situations.

Capcom has announced that the new game update is scheduled for release on PC and consoles in April 2024. However, the exact date has not been confirmed yet, as the developers continue to work on finalizing tweaks and fixes for the patch. Players are encouraged to stay tuned for further updates on the release of the update.

Overall, Capcom’s efforts to address Dragonsplague concerns in Dragon’s Dogma 2 are a welcome move that will undoubtedly enhance the overall gameplay experience for fans of the game. The upcoming update promises to make dealing with Dragonsplague more manageable, while also introducing various improvements and fixes to make the game more enjoyable for players.


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