The once popular iOS podcasts app, Castro, has been facing major difficulties in recent times. Users have been experiencing issues with downloading new episodes and accessing the app’s website. These problems have persisted since at least November, indicating an ongoing struggle for the Castro team. Moreover, rumors of its imminent shutdown have been circulating, further adding to the uncertainty surrounding the app’s future.

Website disappearance and email inconveniences

One of the most glaring signs of Castro’s troubles is the disappearance of its website. Users noticed that the website was no longer accessible, leaving them wondering about the fate of the app. Additionally, when The Verge attempted to contact the team behind Castro, all emails were returned as undeliverable due to the domain being unfindable. The lack of communication channels only adds to the frustration of users who are already dealing with functionality issues.

Numerous users have reported being unable to use significant features of the Castro app. A Reddit post from Friday is filled with replies from frustrated individuals who cannot download new episodes or access the app’s content. Similarly, recent reviews on the iOS App Store echo these concerns. The Verge also experienced these issues firsthand when attempting to connect to Castro’s servers to find shows to listen to. These functionality problems have undoubtedly contributed to the app’s dwindling popularity.

Despite speculation and rumors of Castro’s impending shutdown, the team behind the app has consistently denied these claims. In the past, outlets and blogs reported on the potential shutdown, but Castro managed to keep its service operational. They even posted on X (formerly Twitter) stating that any discussions regarding their demise were “unofficial.” However, an archived blog post from December 1st, which is now inaccessible, stated that Castro was actively seeking new owners. This search for new ownership comes after a number of employee departures, further indicating the instability within the company.

Podcast industry turmoil

Castro’s struggles are not isolated incidents within the podcast industry. Last year, Stitcher shut down, and more recently, Spotify made staff cuts and shifted focus away from high-profile narrative podcasts. These industry-wide developments suggest that Castro is not the only company facing challenges in the ever-evolving podcast landscape.

Castro, the once-prominent iOS podcasts app, is currently in a state of decline. Users are experiencing difficulties with accessing the app’s features and its website has vanished. Despite denying rumors of a shutdown, the team acknowledges the need for new owners. Additionally, the turmoil within the podcast industry as a whole further underscores the challenges faced by Castro and other similar apps. It remains to be seen whether Castro can bounce back and regain its former popularity or if it will succumb to the pressures of a rapidly changing market.


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