In late 2023, Microsoft made the difficult decision to close down the Xbox 360 Store and its associated online services. This move was part of the company’s strategy to shift its focus towards the newer Xbox Series X and Series S consoles. With the announcement of the impending closure in July 2024, Microsoft has started offering discounts on a range of Xbox 360 games. Players have been encouraged to take advantage of these discounts and purchase their favorite games before they are no longer available.

Preserving Xbox 360 Games

Mike Nelson, Xbox Wire editor, stated, “To celebrate the legacy of Xbox 360, we’re working closely with our publishing partners to bring you a variety of price reductions on our online store and the Xbox 360 Store on the console.” The company plans to release additional price reductions on 18 June and 16 July, aiming to offer as many discounted games as possible before the final shutdown in July. The goal of these discounts is to allow players to preserve their digital game collections and enjoy the best of Xbox 360 in digital form before the games are removed from the platform.

Players who have purchased Xbox 360 games from the Xbox 360 Store will retain access to these titles indefinitely. Even after the closure of the store, players will still be able to play and enjoy the games they have purchased. While some games will still be available digitally through the newer Microsoft Store, the removal of the Xbox 360 marketplace is expected to drive up prices for physical copies of games, making them harder to find. Additionally, several digital-only games will become unavailable once the Xbox 360 Store is shut down.

For players looking to expand their Xbox 360 game libraries or preserve digital copies of their favorite titles, Microsoft has released a list of heavily discounted games. Most of these games are priced at 80-90% off and can be purchased for just a few dollars. Some of the highlighted games available in the sale include Far Cry 4, Child of Light, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Raving Rabbids: Alive & Kicking, Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Thief, and Worms Revolution.

The closure of the Xbox 360 Store marks the end of an era for many gamers who grew up playing on the iconic console. By offering discounted games and ensuring continued access to purchased titles, Microsoft is providing players with the opportunity to preserve their gaming memories and enjoy the best of Xbox 360 before it becomes a thing of the past.


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