The recent Helldivers 2 Major Order tasking players with defending 10 planets against Terminids and Automatons has sparked frustration within the gaming community. Despite efforts by players to come up with strategies and plans, there seems to be a lack of coordination necessary to succeed in this mission. This has led to some players expressing their disappointment towards the developers for the current situation.

In response to the criticism, community manager Spitz on Discord revealed that Game Master Joel has been quietly aiding players by lowering the decay rate. Despite the developers making efforts to support the players, it seems that there is still a disconnect in achieving success in the Major Order mission. Spitz emphasized that the fate of democracy within the game is ultimately in the hands of the players themselves.

One of the main challenges faced in the Helldivers 2 Major Order is the lack of engagement from a large base of casual players. These players may not be aware of the specific strategies needed to prioritize certain planets over others. This lack of awareness or interest from casual players hinders the overall progress of the mission and puts democracy in the game at risk.

Spitz points out that the root cause of the challenges faced in the Major Order mission is a collective skill issue among the players. While Arrowhead is working on making information more accessible and improving the gameplay experience, the ultimate success of the mission depends on the players’ willingness to engage in strategy and planning. Without a unified approach from all players, achieving victory in the Major Order becomes increasingly difficult.

Despite the efforts of the developers and the assistance provided by Game Master Joel, the Helldivers 2 Major Order mission continues to pose challenges for players. While Arrowhead is taking steps to improve the gameplay experience and make important information more accessible, the success of the mission ultimately rests on the shoulders of the players. It is essential for players to come together, strategize effectively, and actively participate in the mission to ensure the preservation of democracy within the game.


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