The development team behind The Finals, Embark Studios, has found itself in a bind when it comes to battling cheaters. In a recent statement shared on The Finals Discord server, community lead Dusty Gustafsson addressed the issue. He admitted that a technical bug had hindered their ability to efficiently ban cheaters, but assured players that a solution was on the horizon. While the specifics of this bug have not been revealed, there is a sense of irony in the fact that cheaters were able to take advantage of a bug within the system.

Gustafsson extended gratitude to the player community for their patience during these trying times. He emphasized that ensuring a smooth, safe, and fair gaming experience was their top priority. While the struggle to maintain an anti-cheat system may be arduous, the team at Embark Studios is determined to persevere. Cheaters may have enjoyed a brief respite, but their days are surely numbered as the studio renews their anti-cheat measures.

The Rising Tide of Cheaters

The statement from Gustafsson follows a surge in reports of cheaters within The Finals community. Many of the alleged cheaters have been identified as users from China based on their usernames. In response to concerns regarding their Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) system, Gustafsson clarified that while it was an integral part of their anti-cheat measures, it was not the sole safeguard in place. Despite facing numerous challenges, he expressed confidence in the team’s ability to improve the gaming experience for all players.

Battling Cheaters on All Fronts

The fight against cheaters in The Finals extends beyond the technical aspect. Embark Studios is also actively working on improving the matchmaking system. By strengthening both the anti-cheat measures and matchmaking, the hope is to create a fair and balanced playing field for all participants. While the development team acknowledges the frustrations of players, they request patience as they fine-tune and navigate these challenges. They remain committed to upholding the integrity of the game.

As the battle against cheaters wages on, the future appears promising for The Finals community. The imminent solution to the technical hitch is a beacon of hope, signaling that the days of cheaters may soon be behind us. Embark Studios recognizes the importance of transparency and communication with their player base, as evidenced by Gustafsson’s statement. The team’s dedication to addressing issues promptly and maintaining the integrity of the game underscores their commitment to the long-term success of The Finals.

While the struggle to combat cheaters has proven challenging for Embark Studios, the development team remains resolute in their mission. With a solution on the horizon and renewed anti-cheat measures in place, the tide may finally turn against cheaters within The Finals community. As players continue to report suspicious activity, they can find solace in the fact that the team is actively working towards a fair and secure gaming experience. The battle against cheaters may be ongoing, but the hope for a cheat-free future remains strong.


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