Crow Country is an upcoming indie survival horror game that draws inspiration from classic PS1 titles like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, while also incorporating elements reminiscent of Final Fantasy. This unique blend of influences sets Crow Country apart from other retro-inspired horror games, as it manages to build upon the foundations of its predecessors to create something both familiar and innovative.

What sets Crow Country apart even further is the development team behind it. The game is developed by SFB Games, known for creating the quirky co-op game Snipperclips and the critically acclaimed mobile puzzle game Marching Order. The fact that a team known for creating lighthearted and family-friendly games is now venturing into the survival horror genre is a surprising and intriguing shift in focus.

Set in an eerie abandoned theme park in 1990, Crow Country follows the player as they unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Edward Crow and the subsequent closure of his theme park. The game’s narrative-focused approach emphasizes exploration, puzzle-solving, and unlocking secret rooms, creating a tense and foreboding atmosphere.

With a focus on narrative and atmosphere, Crow Country offers players a captivating gameplay experience that balances suspense and intrigue. The game’s exploration mode allows players to delve into the story without the fear of being attacked, giving them the freedom to uncover the game’s dark secrets at their own pace.

Overall, Crow Country promises to be a compelling blend of horror and mystery, offering players a unique and innovative gaming experience that pays homage to its classic inspirations while pushing the genre in new and exciting directions. With its distinctive aesthetic and engaging gameplay, Crow Country is sure to leave a lasting impression on fans of the survival horror genre.


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