Upon diving into the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Ultimania novel, fans may have hoped for some concrete answers or at least hints regarding the lingering mystery surrounding the game’s ending. Unfortunately, the novel falls short in providing clear explanations, leaving many readers disappointed. The novel touches on key points and newly arisen mysteries in the game, including the fate of Aerith, but ultimately fails to definitively address the questions at hand.

One of the main points of contention in the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth ending is the discrepancy between Cloud’s perception of Aerith and the reality experienced by the rest of the party. While Cloud is able to see and interact with Aerith following her tragic demise, the rest of the party appears to be in deep mourning and unaware of her presence. This duality in perception leads to much confusion among fans, as they grapple with the question of whether Aerith is truly dead or alive in the game’s universe.

Although the Ultimania novel is not readily available in English, fan translations and summaries offer some insights into the author’s intentions. According to these translations, Cloud’s unique ability to see Aerith may indicate a connection to a different dimension or a refusal to accept reality. The gameplay mechanics also reflect this disparity, as Cloud starts the final boss fight without a full Limit Break gauge, unlike the rest of the party. These subtle details hint at a deeper significance to Aerith’s fate in the game.

The Ultimania novel may hint at the importance of Aerith’s fate for future installments of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. While the novel may not provide definitive answers, it raises intriguing questions that could shape the narrative direction of Part 3. Fans have speculated extensively on the implications of Aerith’s presence and the party’s reactions, anticipating further developments in the storyline in upcoming releases.

The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Ultimania novel offers some tantalizing hints and insights into the game’s complex narrative. While it may not provide concrete answers to the ending’s lingering mystery, it invites readers to delve deeper into the intricacies of Cloud’s perception and the party’s reality. As fans continue to analyze and speculate on the significance of Aerith’s fate, the Ultimania novel serves as a valuable resource for gaining a deeper understanding of the game’s enigmatic conclusion.


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