The highly anticipated Diablo 4 update 1.3.1 has finally arrived, and it brings some exciting changes to the game. After a not-so-great reception of Season 3, Blizzard has taken players’ feedback into account and worked on addressing the concerns raised. In this article, we will explore the key improvements and adjustments introduced in the latest update. From buffs and nerfs to bug fixes and quality of life changes, Diablo 4 is evolving to provide a better gaming experience.

One of the most significant updates in patch 1.3.1 focuses on enhancing the abilities of the Seneschal companion character. Blizzard has diligently worked on making the Seneschal more useful and powerful. In the official patch notes, the following changes have been highlighted:

– Gyrate: Damage increased by 30%
– Pummel: Damage increased by 30%
– Bushwhack: Damage increased by 20%
– Impale: Damage increased by 30%
– Focus Fire: Damage increased by 20%
– Lightning Bolt: Damage increased by 20%
– Firefly: Damage increased by 10%
– Tempest: Damage increased by 10%
– Reconstruct: Healing increased from 22% to 32% of Maximum Life (at level 1), and from 40% to 50% of Maximum Life (at level 10)
– Various Skill Supports (Frigid, Bleeding, Electrocution, Poison, Dusk, and Burning): Damage increased from 50% to 60% of the Supported Skill’s Damage

These improvements aim to balance the gameplay and address the concerns regarding the efficiency of the Seneschal companion. Now, players can expect a more enjoyable and rewarding experience when using this character.

Apart from improving the Seneschal, update 1.3.1 brings changes to two other aspects of the game. Firstly, the dreaded Vampiric affix on monsters has been nerfed. This change responds to player feedback and reduces the amount of health stolen from monsters with the Vampiric affix. The nerf varies according to the World Tier, as follows:

– World Tier I: 10% → 5%
– World Tier II: 20% → 10%
– World Tier III: 35% → 15%
– World Tier IV: 50% → 25%

This change is a direct result of player requests and will make encounters with Vampiric monsters more manageable and balanced.

Furthermore, the Suppressor affix, known for rendering ranged attacks useless, has also received a nerf. Previously, the Suppressor’s field was always activated, making it a frustrating obstacle for players. With the update, the field now has a six-second duration and can be canceled by stunning, freezing, knocking down, or dazing the monster. This change provides players with more opportunities to strategize and overcome the Suppressor effect.

Blizzard’s dedication to listening to its player base is evident in this latest update. While Season 3 initially faced criticism, the developers at Blizzard have taken the feedback seriously and are actively working to address the concerns raised by the community. The 1.3.1 patch is just the first step towards making Diablo 4 a more engaging and enjoyable experience.

In addition to the updates, Blizzard is generously offering two weeks of 50% bonus XP and 30% faster movement to players. While these bonuses may not address all the underlying issues, they serve as a temporary measure to keep players engaged and excited about the game. It’s akin to giving candy to children who are dissatisfied with their school routine, acting as a small band-aid until more substantial changes are implemented.

Diablo 4 update 1.3.1 brings much-needed improvements to the game. With enhanced abilities for the Seneschal companion, a nerf to the Vampiric affix, and adjustments to the Suppressor, players can expect a more balanced and enjoyable gaming experience. Blizzard’s dedication to taking player feedback seriously is commendable, and they are actively working towards making Diablo 4 an exceptional game. While there is still progress to be made, this update is a step in the right direction. So gear up, venture into the world of Diablo 4, and embrace the exciting changes that await you!


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