Upon the release of Dragon’s Dogma 2, players have been expressing their disappointment over the lack of enemy variety in the RPG. Despite the promises made by the developers prior to the game’s release, fans have felt let down by the repetitive nature of the foes they encounter throughout the game.

A quick glance at the Dragon’s Dogma subreddit reveals multiple threads where players discuss their dissatisfaction with the game’s enemy variety. One user posed the question, “Can we all agree the game is lacking enemy variety?” sparking a wave of responses expressing similar sentiments.

Many players have shared their complaints regarding the lack of diversity among enemies in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Some have noted that the same enemies have been present in the game for years, leading to a sense of fatigue among players. Others have focused on the placement of enemies, expressing that they appear to be randomly scattered throughout the game world.

Players have also pointed out comments made by the developers prior to the game’s release, where they discussed the variety of monsters players could expect to encounter. Despite these assurances, many fans feel that the actual game falls short of the promises made, with some even going as far as to label the statements as outright lies.

Some players have expressed that the lack of enemy variety is the biggest issue they have found with Dragon’s Dogma 2. While other issues such as performance and microtransactions have been discussed, it appears that the repetitive nature of enemies is what truly irks some players.

It is evident that players are disappointed by the lack of enemy variety in Dragon’s Dogma 2, despite the promises made by the developers prior to the game’s release. This issue has been a sticking point for many fans, who feel that the repetitive nature of foes detracts from the overall gaming experience. It remains to be seen whether the developers will address these concerns in future updates or releases.


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