EA’s announcement of a Black Panther game adaptation in mid-2023 left fans eager for more information. However, since the initial announcement, details about the game have been scarce. A recent job listing on the EA website, as reported by Eurogamer, may shed some light on what to expect from the upcoming adventure. The listing is looking for a Principal Sandbox Designer to collaborate with Cliffhanger Games on Marvel’s Black Panther project, described as “pioneering next-generation emergent storytelling.”

The job listing outlines the necessary skills for the role, which include designing, prototyping, and implementing AI systems, encounters, and gameplay mechanics to create a rich sandbox environment. The selected candidate will collaborate closely with the AI engineering team to develop sophisticated AI behaviors that enhance the open-world experience, from urban crowds to wildlife ecosystems. This emphasis on AI and sandbox design suggests that the game will offer players a dynamic and immersive experience within the world of Wakanda.

Interestingly, this job listing marks the first instance of EA’s Black Panther game being described as open world. Previously, it was referred to as an “original, single-player action-adventure game exploring the world of Wakanda.” The shift towards open world design indicates a broader scope for exploration and player agency within the game. Game lead Kevin Stephens emphasized the team’s dedication to providing fans with a definitive and authentic Black Panther experience, offering players more control over their narrative within the game’s world.

Given Wakanda’s rich history and significance in Black Panther’s character development in the Marvel Comics source material, setting the game in an open world environment makes perfect sense. Wakanda, with its advanced technology and cultural depth, provides an exciting backdrop for players to explore. The game’s adaptation of Wakanda as an open world promises a unique and multi-layered experience for players, allowing them to delve into a world that has strong ties to the Marvel universe.

The job listing for EA’s Black Panther game adaptation provides insight into the game’s development and design philosophy. With a focus on AI systems, sandbox environments, and open world gameplay, it seems the game will offer players a rich and immersive experience within the world of Wakanda. Fans of Black Panther and Marvel comics can look forward to exploring this iconic setting in a new and interactive way, with the promise of a unique narrative-driven experience.


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