Reddit user Legendarygap embarked on their adventure with Elden Ring, hopeful and excited after thoroughly enjoying their first FromSoftware game, Sekiro. They had heard countless praises for Elden Ring, touting it as the epitome of gaming excellence. However, Legendarygap’s experience was far from enjoyable. They found the game to be extremely difficult, and despite their efforts, they couldn’t figure out what they were doing wrong.

It wasn’t until a month later that Legendarygap stumbled upon the revelation that would change their experience entirely. They discovered that they had unintentionally been playing the game with a burdensome equip load, resulting in a sluggish and ineffective dodge roll. This heavy dodge roll not only took longer but also provided fewer invincibility frames compared to a normal or light roll. As a result, their character was constantly vulnerable to subsequent enemy attacks, leaving them frustrated and struggling to progress.

Legendarygap’s predicament resonates with many players who have ventured into the unforgiving world of FromSoftware’s Souls games. It is not unusual to feel like the biggest failure when grappling with the game’s steep learning curve. Even the author of this article personally recalls their own initial struggles in Dark Souls, where they misunderstood the magic system and took a woefully inefficient path through the game’s early areas.

While coming from a Sekiro mindset might have made Legendarygap overlook the importance of equipment load, playing for an entire month without addressing this crucial aspect remains a legendary oversight. To gain further insight into Legendarygap’s experience, they were interviewed about their newly improved encounter with Elden Ring. They expressed their joy in finally understanding the impact of equip load on gameplay. The discovery came to them while watching a speedrun by LilAggy on YouTube, where the idea of attempting the challenge with a full equip load was mentioned. It was in this moment of realization that Legendarygap’s perspective changed entirely.

Surprisingly, even with the handicap of an excessive equip load, Legendarygap managed to defeat multiple formidable bosses during their unintended hard mode playthrough. From Margit to Godrick, the Ancient Hero of Zamor, Scaly Misbegotten, and the notorious dungeon Watchdog, their achievements were undoubtedly impressive despite the unfortunate circumstances.

What makes Legendarygap’s experience with Elden Ring particularly fascinating is their background as a Sekiro-exclusive player. While they were initially drawn to the game due to its similarities to Sekiro, their journey unraveled a distinct gameplay style and mechanics. In the vast landscape of Elden Ring players, Legendarygap stands out as someone who experienced FromSoftware’s games in a unique order.

Now armed with the knowledge of equip load’s significance, Legendarygap’s playthrough of Elden Ring has improved dramatically. They have built a samurai character in homage to Sekiro, focusing on increasing their Endurance to wield heavy weapons effectively. Additionally, they have embraced the challenge of mastering the parry system, which they find more demanding than Sekiro’s parry mechanics. With a combination of precise parrying and nimble dodging, Legendarygap has found joy in overcoming obstacles and recently emerged victorious against the boss Rennala.

Through their newfound understanding of Elden Ring, Legendarygap has also come to appreciate the game’s strengths. While Sekiro reigns supreme in terms of combat finesse and polish, Elden Ring offers a different allure through its vast exploration opportunities. The game’s world is teeming with wonders and secrets, providing an immersive and boundless experience. Legendarygap now relishes the sheer amount of content and possibilities that await them in Elden Ring.

Legendarygap’s unintended hard mode playthrough of Elden Ring serves as a cautionary tale of the importance of understanding game mechanics. Through their struggles and subsequent enlightenment, they have not only conquered challenging bosses but also gained a newfound appreciation for the game’s exploration aspect. Their unique perspective as a former Sekiro-only player sheds light on the diverse experiences players can have within FromSoftware’s games. So, let Legendarygap’s journey be a reminder to all gamers to delve deep into game mechanics and avoid needless frustration in their gaming adventures.


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