Opinions about Apple’s Vision Pro have been circulating since its release, with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg entering the chat to weigh in on the matter. As someone who has a lot at stake in the world of headsets, Zuckerberg compared Apple’s Vision Pro with his company’s latest Quest 3 headset, stating, “I don’t just think that Quest is the better value, I think Quest is the better product, period.”

During a video shared on his Instagram account, Zuckerberg discussed various aspects where he believes the Quest 3 outshines Apple’s Vision Pro. Here are some key takeaways:

Weight and Comfort

Zuckerberg points out that the Quest 3 is 120 grams lighter than the Vision Pro, making it more comfortable to wear for extended periods. This weight difference can significantly impact the user experience, ensuring that users can engage in VR activities without feeling fatigue or strain on their heads.

Greater Motion and Field of View

The Quest 3 also offers an advantage in terms of motion and field of view. Unlike the Vision Pro, which requires a wired battery pack, the Quest 3 is wireless, providing users with more freedom to move around. Additionally, the wider field of view in the Quest 3 enhances the immersive experience, allowing users to have a broader perspective within the virtual environment.

Input Options

Zuckerberg expresses his preference for the Quest 3’s input options, which include physical hand controllers and hand tracking. While he admits that eye tracking has its merits for specific use cases, he hints that it will be incorporated into future Meta headsets after its debut in the Quest Pro. This combination of physical controllers and hand tracking offers users versatility in how they interact with the VR world.

Content Library

The Quest 3 boasts a richer and more immersive content library compared to Apple’s Vision Pro. Although Apple may catch up in the future, Meta currently enjoys an advantage in terms of available VR experiences. However, Zuckerberg concedes that the Vision Pro excels as an entertainment device, acknowledging Apple’s strength in delivering high-quality multimedia experiences.


One aspect where the Quest 3 undeniably surpasses the Vision Pro is its affordability. Zuckerberg emphasizes that the Quest 3 is “like seven times less expensive” than its Apple counterpart. This significant price difference makes the Quest 3 a more accessible option for a broader consumer base.

While Zuckerberg’s verdict on the current state of the headsets heavily favors the Quest 3, it’s essential to consider Apple’s hardware capabilities and established developer ecosystem. Apple holds considerable advantages in these areas, although it may take time for them to fully leverage them in the VR space. While Meta currently may be enjoying their lead in headset sales, the race is far from over.

Mark Zuckerberg’s assessment of Apple’s Vision Pro versus Meta’s Quest 3 sheds light on the ongoing battle for dominance in the world of VR headsets. While the Quest 3 emerges as the victor in various aspects such as comfort, motion, input options, and pricing, Apple possesses undeniable strengths in terms of advanced hardware and an established developer ecosystem. As the headset wars continue, the ultimate winner will likely be determined by a combination of factors, including technological innovation, user preference, content availability, and competitive pricing. Only time will tell who will emerge as the long-term leader in this evolving landscape.


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