Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards are just around the corner, set to kick off on 7th/8th December. However, the celebrations have already begun with the Day of the Devs Digital Showcase, offering a sneak peek into the indie games that will soon grace our screens. What’s even more exciting is that some of these games are coming to the Nintendo Switch! In this article, we will take a closer look at the Switch announcements from the Day of the Devs – Game Awards Edition showcase.

An Overview of the Showcase

The Day of the Devs – The Game Awards Edition presentation holds a plethora of thrilling upcoming games. It’s an event that showcases the incredible talent and creativity of indie developers. From heartwarming narratives to psychological survival horrors, there’s something for everyone in this exciting lineup.

Embark on an absurd comedy slapformer set in the peculiar town of Barnsworth in Northern England. Thank Goodness You’re Here! introduces players to the life of a traveling salesman exploring the sights and meeting the eccentric locals. Expect a series of increasingly odd jobs that will test your comedic timing and quick reflexes. With its charming art style and hilarious gameplay, Thank Goodness You’re Here! promises to deliver endless laughter.

Step into the shoes of Mush, a cloud-person nervously navigating a job interview in Dome-King Cabbage. This award-winning visual novel takes an intriguing twist as Mush perceives the world through the lens of a monster-collecting RPG. As Mush delves deeper into their extrasensory powers, a mysterious place called Crumb Island becomes their focus. Discover what it takes to earn the enigmatic title of “Dome-King” in this captivating narrative adventure.

The Medium – Unraveling the Dark Secrets of a Polish Town

Prepare for a chilling psychological survival horror experience in The Medium. Set in a haunting 90’s Polish town, you find yourself surrounded by an ominous presence and a community possessed by something sinister. As you seek answers, you must navigate the eerie town, interrogate locals, and confront ungodly manifestations. The Medium offers a spine-tingling atmosphere combined with deep storytelling, leaving players on the edge of their seats.

The Making of a Game Designer – A Fascinating Journey

Take a captivating trip down memory lane with The Making of a Game Designer. This virtual museum offers a unique insight into the world of one of Britain’s best-known game makers. Immerse yourself in an era of cassette tapes, photocopied zines, and README.TXT as you explore design documents and play iconic games. Through all-new video features, uncover the remarkable story of a true independent game designer.

Braid: Anniversary Edition – A Remastered Classic

Braid: Anniversary Edition brings forth a remastered version of the beloved classic. With updated graphics, enhanced sound, and an abundance of developer commentary, this celebration of the iconic game will captivate both longtime fans and new players. Embark on a journey through time as you solve mind-bending puzzles and rescue an abducted princess. Braid: Anniversary Edition promises to deliver the timeless charm of the original while offering exciting new additions.

Join Tess Devine on a poignant and heartfelt journey in her relationship with her mom. This touching narrative-driven adventure explores the complexity of family connections and uncovers long-lost secrets and hidden fortunes. As you delve into the past, prepare for an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impact. The journey of Tess Devine is a tale that showcases the power of love and the resilience of the human spirit.

Gear up for an adrenaline-fueled adventure in a dystopian world with Vampire Survivors. This narrative-driven RPG features open-world exploration, intense vehicular combat, and captivating stunts. As you assemble a team and unravel a twisted story, your mission is to take down an oppressive mega-corporation and its enigmatic director. Vampire Survivors promises exhilarating gameplay and a thrilling story that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

Fans of the popular social deduction game, Among Us, are in for a treat with the Impostors expansion. This expansion turns classic tasks into outrageous weapons, allowing players to upgrade their abilities after each roguelite run. Face impossible odds as you battle hordes of extraterrestrial foes, all while trying to survive and eject the Impostors. Among Us: Impostors promises an exhilarating twist to the beloved game that will leave players eager for more.

The Day of the Devs – The Game Awards Edition showcase has certainly delivered a thrilling lineup of games, especially for Nintendo Switch owners. From quirky comedies to spine-chilling horrors, each game offers a unique experience that will cater to a wide range of players. As we eagerly await The Game Awards, these exciting announcements have us counting down the days until we can immerse ourselves in these captivating adventures.


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