Magic: The Gathering’s newest collaboration with the Fallout franchise brings us the Mutant Menace preconstructed Commander deck, set to release on March 8. This Sultai-colored deck features malevolent mutations and highlights two main mechanics: Proliferate and Rad Counters. Each preconstructed Commander deck comes with two legendary creatures – a designated commander and an alternate commander. In the Mutant Menace deck, The Wise Mothman takes the spotlight as the “face” commander, while The Master, Transcendent serves as an exclusive alternate commander.

Exclusive Creature Reveals

One of the original creatures in the Mutant Menace deck is Harold and Bob, First Numens. This iconic tree/man hybrid offers Vigilance and Reach, with the ability to enhance your Forests’ mana production. Another exclusive reveal is the Lumbering Megasloth, a massive creature that can be summoned with the right conditions. Its entry fee may seem expensive, but with the strategic use of rad counters and +1/+1 counters, this behemoth can quickly join the battlefield.

The Mutant Menace deck includes enchantments like Sagas, which offer unique effects that scale over multiple turns. Vault 12: The Necropolis is a prime example of this, as it can quickly build an army of 2/2 Zombie Mutants that grow stronger with each passing turn. This card has the potential to overwhelm opponents and secure victory in the later stages of the game.

Apart from the exclusive creatures and enchantments mentioned above, the Mutant Menace deck contains a total of 27 creatures, with 24 of them being original designs for the Fallout set. The decklist is packed with powerful synergies and thematic elements that bring the Fallout universe to life within the Magic: The Gathering game.

As Magic: The Gathering fans eagerly await the release of the Fallout collaboration, the Mutant Menace deck offers a thrilling new gameplay experience with unique mechanics and exclusive cards. Players can look forward to exploring the Sultai-colored world of mutations and strategic warfare as they dive into the post-apocalyptic realm of Fallout. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting crossover event.


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