The city of Neyasnoe is a bleak post-Soviet landscape that offers a multitude of experiences for those seeking adventure in the dark. From vibrant nightclubs to dingy back alleys, this first-person explorer created by the minds behind It’s Winter promises a thrilling and disconcerting journey. While It’s Winter left players feeling bored and alone, Neyasnoe immerses them in a world brimming with life. However, amidst the excitement, one can’t help but question whether this abundance of experiences is truly fulfilling or just a distraction from the emptiness within.

Neyasnoe introduces players to various districts of an unknown city, starting with the desolate suburbs characterized by bleak Brutalist architecture and squat houses. As players venture deeper, they encounter familiar sights such as kebab shops, bus station kiosks, and nightclubs pulsating with music and life. Other locations, such as a clinic, an underground waiting room, and poetry readings, add a touch of intrigue to the experience. The objective in each level remains elusive, requiring players to navigate the city and uncover the narrative beats that propel them forward.

Similar to its predecessor, Neyasnoe leaves players grappling with perplexing questions. The rules of this mysterious world remain shrouded in ambiguity, leaving players to discover their purpose and objectives. The existence of stats further deepens the complexity, leaving players to ponder their significance and the implications of their actions. Uncertainty pervades every interaction, blurring the lines between truth and deception, reality and illusion. While unsettling, this sense of mystery adds a layer of intrigue to the exploration.

Neyasnoe encapsulates a unique blend of emotions, juxtaposing weariness and melancholy with excitement and discovery. The city exudes a tired and sagging aura, mirroring the desperate lives of its inhabitants. Decaying concrete tower blocks curl inward like wilted leaves, and spiraling corridors carve through buildings, defying the laws of architecture. The city appears to be trapped in a perpetual state of decay, amplifying the weariness and desolation felt by both the player and the characters they encounter. Yet, there is a strange beauty in this surreal and aging world.

The visual design of Neyasnoe effortlessly blends elements from older and newer games, resulting in a striking and unforgettable aesthetic. Its low-poly geometry, low-resolution textures, and photosourced faces pay homage to games from over two decades ago, while the expansive draw distance and intricate details create a captivating and immersive environment. The world of Neyasnoe strikes the delicate balance between reality and abstraction, blurring the boundaries of time and space. For a truly authentic experience, players can choose to enable the low-res pixellation filter, further enhancing the game’s unique visual style.

One notable feature of Neyasnoe is the inclusion of autodancing in nightclubs, a feature that adds an extra layer of joy and immersion. Stepping onto the dancefloor while inebriated causes the player character to spontaneously dance, mimicking the flailing movements of someone under the influence. This unexpected addition captures the essence of drunkenness, evoking memories for players who may have personal experiences with alcohol. It is a testament to the attention to detail and the commitment to creating an authentic and immersive experience within Neyasnoe.

Neyasnoe presents players with a world both enticing and enigmatic. Its inhabitants quest for adventure, hedonism, and connection in a landscape teetering on the edge of decay. As players navigate the city’s districts, they must confront the emptiness within their own lives, mirroring the characters they encounter along the way. The surreal and tired world of Neyasnoe beckons players to explore its forgotten corners and hidden narratives. Will their journey lead to fulfillment or merely perpetuate the cycle of meaningless distractions? Only time and further exploration will reveal the truths that lie within Neyasnoe, inviting players to question the nature of their own existence.

Neyasnoe is now available on Steam for both Windows and Mac platforms, offering a captivating and thought-provoking experience for those willing to embrace the darkness. Step into the night and discover what awaits you in this tired and desperate world for the price of £8.50/€9.775/$9.99.


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