In Anthology of the Killer, the player does not have the luxury of a typical pause menu to exit the game. Instead, they are confronted with the bizarre scenario of walking down a back alley to face two hungry bears. This unconventional approach sets the tone for the entire gaming experience, where unexpected twists and dark humor abound.

The game follows the adventures of a girl attempting to create zines in a town infested with masked serial killers in the giallo style. This dark and satirical blend of horror and comedy has earned the creators the prestigious Nuovo Award at the Independent Games Festival, highlighting the unique vision of Stephen “thecatamites” Gillmurphy.

As players delve into Anthology of the Killer, they are transported into an unsettling urban landscape dominated by shady corporations and law enforcement with a misplaced sense of coolness. The narrative unfolds across a nine-part series, with each episode immersing the player deeper into the eerie and absurd universe crafted by Gillmurphy.

Gillmurphy’s distinctive style, characterized by DIY MS Paint visuals and surreal storytelling, challenges conventional norms of game design and narrative structure. The juxtaposition of mundane elements with the extraordinary and the unexpected dialogue choices keep players engaged and intrigued throughout the gameplay.

Having created short games for over a decade, Gillmurphy’s body of work reflects a rich tapestry of unconventional narratives and offbeat humor. The compilation of games in Anthology of the Killer showcases his evolution as a storyteller and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of interactive storytelling in the gaming industry.

Playing through thecatamites’ games offers a refreshing departure from mainstream “story-rich” titles, presenting players with a kaleidoscopic journey through abstract narratives and unconventional game mechanics. Gillmurphy’s writing is akin to a controlled explosion, with each story arc serving as a detonator for a cascade of unexpected twists and turns.

While some may find thecatamites’ writing to be an acquired taste, immersing oneself in his work can be a transformative experience. From delving into the depths of the Irish psyche to embracing avant-garde music, each method of engaging with his games offers a unique entry point into his surreal and captivating world.

Anthology of the Killer stands as a testament to the power of indie game development to challenge norms, provoke thought, and captivate players with its offbeat charm. By embracing the unconventional, thecatamites invites players on a journey through the bizarre and fantastical, where the line between reality and fiction blurs, and the unexpected reigns supreme.


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