As the end of October approaches, the RPS Game Club is preparing to gather in the space port to discuss this month’s game pick: Starfield. On Friday November 3rd at 4pm GMT, gaming enthusiasts from all over will come together in a liveblog format to share their intergalactic adventures and engage in a thoughtful conversation about Bethesda’s latest creation. So grab your favorite biscuits and beverages and join us for an earnest and enjoyable discussion about all things Starfield.

Apologies are in order as this month’s feature accompaniments may be slightly thin. With EGX in the middle of the month and several major game releases following shortly after, it has been challenging to provide additional games criticism. Nevertheless, we hope that you’ve been able to enjoy and endure Starfield, as there is certainly plenty to discuss. Bring your questions and your own space-filled anecdotes, and let’s have a great time exploring the depths of this fascinating game.

Fear not, as this week’s liveblog has been deliberately scheduled to coincide with my creepy space dad’s weekly card game. Rest assured that he won’t make an unannounced appearance, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere for everyone. Your comfort and enjoyment are our top priority, and we appreciate your understanding in advance.

To get you in the mood for our liveblog chat, here are some highlights of the articles we’ve written about Starfield since its release in September. Keep an eye out for more Starfield content coming your way later this week. We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

In her review of Starfield, Alice Bee described it as “a genuinely impressive space RPG that ultimately loses some of its Bethesda charm in the vast reaches of its galaxy.” She emphasized that ambition doesn’t always require creating something larger than anyone else and that a game lasting 130 hours doesn’t necessarily need to encompass an entire universe.

On the other hand, Ed, a longtime Bethesda fan, felt somewhat disillusioned with Starfield. The game’s focus on indoor adventuring, rather than exploring the frontiers of space, left him feeling cold. He remarked, “Starfield might be home to many planets, but its connective tissue lies largely in the tangle of a menu.”

James, on the contrary, found enjoyment in Starfield, particularly in its zero-G gunfights, despite their rarity and difficulty in encountering. He described the weightless skirmishes as chaotic and amusingly abrupt, with everything eventually collapsing back to the floor.

If you’re interested in a different approach to Starfield, Edwin’s multi-part space diary delves into the concept of playing as a bloodthirsty pirate in a thoroughbred space sim. He explores the idea of never descending from orbit, solely relying on boarding other captains’ ships, and plundering their cargo. This unconventional playstyle presents a unique and thrilling experience within the game.

Starfield offers a vast universe for exploration and adventure. From differing perspectives on its gameplay mechanics to the exciting possibilities of a bloodthirsty pirate playstyle, there is something for everyone to discover in this space-themed RPG. Join us on Friday as we dive deeper into the wonders and intricacies of Starfield. See you there!


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