When it comes to modding retro consoles, one name that stands out is Hairo Satoh, also known as Retrohai hai Softbank. Satoh has gained attention for his unique and sometimes bizarre reimaginings of Nintendo’s portable consoles. From swapping screens to adding custom hardware, Satoh’s creations push the boundaries of nostalgia and innovation.

One of Satoh’s standout creations is a modified Game Boy Advance SP with a customizable screen that can run Game Boy Advance games. This combination of classic design and modern functionality showcases Satoh’s attention to detail and dedication to creating truly unique pieces.

In addition to the Game Boy Advance SP mod, Satoh has also experimented with turning console gamepads into handheld devices. From attaching a GBA SP screen to an SNES controller to incorporating it into a PS2 Dual Shock controller, Satoh’s creations blend the worlds of classic gaming consoles in unexpected ways.

As Satoh dives deeper into his console mods, things start to take a more unpredictable turn. One particularly intriguing creation is the “Original Game Boy Advance SP DS,” which features a multi-position adjustable screen reminiscent of a T-Mobile Sidekick. This fusion of different handheld devices raises questions about the boundaries of console modding and what is possible in the realm of creative experimentation.

Another puzzling creation is the “Nintendo Long Boy DS,” a device that defies traditional handheld console design with its elongated shape and unconventional button layout. While the functionality of this device may be questionable, its existence challenges the norms of console customization and pushes the limits of what is considered “normal” in the gaming community.

Despite the intrigue surrounding Satoh’s creations, there is still much mystery surrounding the inner workings of these modified devices. Questions remain about the extent of custom hardware used in these mods and whether they rely on emulating Nintendo’s handhelds rather than simply repurposing existing hardware components.

As the world of retro console mods continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Satoh’s creations inspire future modders to think outside the box and push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of console customization. Whether through unique design elements or unexpected combinations of hardware, Satoh’s work serves as a testament to the endless possibilities of creativity in the world of retro gaming.


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