Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 has been a rollercoaster ride for players, but all good things must come to an end. As the season draws to a close, there are exciting rumors and speculation about what the future holds for this popular game. It seems that time will actually move backward in Fortnite, thanks to the time machine from Kado Thorne’s basement. This means that the next season could introduce some major collaborations with Lego or even Doctor Who, taking players on a nostalgic journey back to the Chapter 1 island. Let’s dive into what we know so far.

The current season of Fortnite is scheduled to end on the morning of Friday, November 3. After a few hours of downtime, the new season is expected to go live. Players can anticipate the servers returning by 7 or 8 am ET on the same morning. While the next season is not the beginning of Chapter 5, it is not labeled as Chapter 4 either. Speculation suggests that this upcoming season will act as a bridge, leading players from the Chapter 4 island to the unknown wonders of Chapter 5.

Epic Games has been teasing the new season, referred to as Fortnite OG, through out-of-game means. Influencers and streamers who played Fortnite in its early days have received nostalgic packages, symbolizing the throwback aspect of this upcoming journey. For example, Ninja was surprised with a massive Durr Burger. Despite these hints, there haven’t been official gameplay teasers, but leaks have flooded the internet, revealing interesting details about Fortnite OG.

According to these leaks, Fortnite OG will take players on a tour of the battle royale island, showcasing its various iterations from Chapter 1 Season 5 onwards. The island will transform over the course of the month, allowing players to experience different seasons, from Season 5 to Season X. However, it won’t be an exact replica of the past; adjustments will be made to accommodate the changes introduced in Chapter 3. They will be adding ziplines and other travel infrastructure to reach previously inaccessible spots. Contrary to earlier reports, it seems the modern conveniences introduced in Chapter 3, such as sliding, sprinting, and mantling, will remain.

The changes in the island’s landscape will reflect in the loot pool. During the Season 6 segment, players can expect to find Season 6 guns and other devices. The same pattern will continue for subsequent seasons. This holistic approach ensures that the gameplay aligns with the specific season being showcased, creating an immersive experience for players.

Despite the lack of information, it is safe to assume that Fortnite OG will have a battle pass. Fans can look forward to remixed Chapter 1 skins in the battle pass. However, no official announcements have been made regarding its contents or features.

There have been rumors surrounding collaborations in Fortnite OG, particularly with Lego and Doctor Who. While there hasn’t been recent chatter about these collaborations, Lego has officially announced its partnership with the game. The collaboration will allow players to import their real-world Lego creations into the Fortnite world. As for Doctor Who, it seems like a perfect fit for a time travel-themed season. However, it is unclear if this collaboration will still happen as there hasn’t been much buzz surrounding it.

As more information becomes available, we will update players with the latest news, rumors, and teases regarding Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 and the exciting adventures that await in Fortnite OG. Get ready for a nostalgic and ever-changing journey through time and space in the world of Fortnite.


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