Fortnite, the ever-expanding world of pop culture, is set to take another chunk out of the gaming universe as leaks suggest that Metal Gear Solid’s Solid Snake and Family Guy’s Peter Griffin will soon join the battle royale extravaganza. As the current Fortnite season, Season OG, approaches its end on December 2nd, expectations are rising for the upcoming Chapter 5: Season 1. However, it seems that the leaks have provided an early glimpse into what’s in store.

Chapter 5: Season 1 – Underground

According to the leaked information, Fortnite players can look forward to Chapter 5: Season 1 being titled “Underground.” The Xbox store inadvertently revealed this upcoming season. While details are still sparse, the leaks confirm that both Solid Snake and Peter Griffin will feature as new Fortnite skins. Accompanying them are other yet-to-be-revealed characters, including a muscular tiger-person.

Snake, a legendary figure in the gaming world, is no stranger to making cameo appearances. Having previously appeared as a fighter in Super Smash Bros, his addition to Fortnite comes as no surprise. In the leaked image, he is shown sporting his classic skintight sneaking suit, which is famous for its highly powerful posterior. Fans are excited to see how his skills and abilities will translate into the chaotic world of Fortnite.

On the other hand, Peter Griffin’s presence brings a quirky and humorous twist to the Fortnite universe. Known for the animated sitcom Family Guy, Peter Griffin is instantly recognizable with his signature white shirt and green slacks. In the leaked image, however, he is seen dressed in a suave tuxedo complete with a bowtie and blazer. Fans are already speculating about what surprises Peter Griffin may bring to the game.

Fortnite has proven its ability to seamlessly incorporate characters from various pop culture icons. Previously, the game has featured characters from Futurama, Rick and Morty, as well as popular anime such as My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Attack on Titan. Batman, Star Wars, Marvel, and The Witcher are also among the franchises that have already made their mark on the Fortnite world. As fans eagerly await the release of Chapter 5: Season 1, it is clear that Fortnite continues to blur the lines between different media platforms.

Collaboration with Brick-Toy Lego

In addition to the new characters, Fortnite players can expect a collaboration with the beloved brick-toy brand, Lego. The details of this partnership have yet to be revealed, but it promises to bring a unique twist to the Fortnite experience. With the combined might of Solid Snake and Peter Griffin, there is speculation that Fortnite may reach new heights in terms of player engagement and excitement.

As Fortnite devours more and more aspects of pop culture, fans can’t help but wonder which iconic characters will be next to join the fray. The leaks give a tantalizing glimpse into what lies ahead for Fortnite, showcasing the game’s ever-evolving universe and its ability to captivate players from different worlds. Whether you’re a Metal Gear Solid fan or a devotee of Family Guy, the upcoming Chapter 5: Season 1 of Fortnite promises to be an exciting and unforgettable adventure. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to dive into the wacky world of Fortnite once again!


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