Google Meet has recently unveiled a new feature that allows users to apply filters to their video calls in order to enhance their appearance on camera. This feature, known as portrait touch-up, offers two filter options: subtle and smoothing. While these filters aim to provide a light touch-up to the complexion, under-eye area, and eyes, they do so in a way that maintains a natural look.

The subtle filter in Google Meet’s portrait touch-up feature applies a minimal amount of complexion smoothing, under-eye lightening, and eye whitening to the user’s appearance. On the other hand, the smoothing filter intensifies these effects slightly, although not to the extent of drastically altering one’s appearance. Unlike filters found on platforms like Snapchat, Google’s touch-up options aim to create a subtle enhancement rather than a noticeable transformation.

Users can access the touch-up filters in Google Meet by selecting the Apply visual effects setting and choosing Appearance within the platform. From there, users can enable or disable the Portrait touch-up feature and select their preferred filter. However, it is important to note that portrait touch-up is only available to paid users on specific subscription plans, including Business Standard, Business Plus, and various Enterprise and Education plans. Google One and Google Workspace Individual subscribers also have access to these touch-up filters.

Google’s entry into the videoconferencing face filter game comes later than some of its competitors, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, which already offer a wider range of filter options for users to alter their appearance during calls. However, Google Meet’s approach to touch-up filters differs in that it focuses on subtlety and natural-looking enhancements rather than drastic changes.

Google Meet’s introduction of touch-up filters for video calls represents a step towards providing users with more control over their on-camera appearance. By offering subtle and smoothing filters that aim to enhance rather than transform one’s look, Google is catering to users who seek a more natural and polished presentation during virtual meetings. As the popularity of video calls continues to rise, features like portrait touch-up may become increasingly relevant in the digital communication landscape.


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