Google’s AI chatbot, Bard, has received an upgrade that allows it to respond to user questions in real-time. Previously, Bard would only provide a response once it was complete. However, now users can see a glimpse of their answer as it is being generated. This new feature gives users more control and flexibility in their conversations with Bard.

With the latest update, users can switch between two response options: “Respond in real-time” or “Respond when complete.” This can be done by clicking on the cog icon located in the top-right corner of Bard’s window. This feature is similar to Microsoft’s AI chatbot, Bing Chat, which also provides real-time responses.

Google has also introduced a helpful feature that allows users to cut off Bard mid-sentence if they are not satisfied with the response being generated. When Bard starts generating a reply, a “Skip response” button will appear above the prompt box. By pressing this button, users can stop Bard from completing its response and can either ask another question or regenerate a new response. This eliminates the need to wait for the entire answer if not desired.

Furthermore, if users do decide to wait for the complete answer, Google provides the option to view other drafts of Bard’s responses. By clicking on the “view other drafts” button, users can see alternative suggestions and choose the one that best suits their needs.

Google has also added customization options for users to modify Bard’s response style. Users can make the response more “casual” or “professional,” depending on their preference. Additionally, users can verify the accuracy of Bard’s answers by using the Search feature, accessible by clicking on the Google logo in the bottom menu bar.

In addition to the real-time response feature, Google has introduced several other updates. Users can now view uploaded images in shared conversations, enhancing the visual aspect of the chat experience. For users who utilize Bard with Gmail, the chatbot can now summarize more emails at once. Moreover, Google claims to have improved Bard’s ability to understand when users need to access their latest emails.

Google’s Bard AI chatbot has undergone significant upgrades to enhance the user experience. The introduction of real-time responses and the ability to cut off responses mid-sentence provides users with greater control and efficiency. The customization options and additional features further enhance the overall functionality of Bard. As AI chatbots continue to evolve, it is clear that Google is committed to improving user interactions and providing a seamless conversational experience.


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