Baldur’s Gate 3 is a highly immersive game that presents players with numerous challenges and opportunities. One of the intriguing quests involves rescuing a character named Pandirna, who is trapped in a locked shed in the Grove. This article will guide you through the process of saving Pandirna and provide valuable insights into the game.

To locate Pandirna, head towards the back of the grove, close to where the imprisoned goblin is found. Be cautious as there is a guard nearby who will notice any attempts to lockpick the door. Fortunately, there is a clever workaround. Utilize Astarion’s Fog Cloud spell to blind the guard temporarily. This will allow you to pick the lock without raising any alarms.

Once inside the locked cabin, you will discover Pandirna sitting on the floor. Engage in a dialogue with her, but choose your words wisely to avoid complications. Selecting options such as ‘I’m just looking around’ or directly attacking her will result in unfavorable consequences. Instead, opt for the character roll option that grants you the highest chance of success. This way, Pandirna won’t cause any trouble and will explain her paralysis caused by a strength potion.

To cure Pandirna’s paralysis in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must employ Shadowheart’s Lesser Restoration spell. This spell becomes accessible to Clerics, Bards, and Druids at level 3, and for Paladins at level 5. By casting this spell on Pandirna, you will lift her paralysis, and she will express her gratitude. Additionally, Pandirna will turn a blind eye to any potential thefts you wish to execute.

While Pandirna’s cabin may not contain significant valuables, there are still a few items worth acquiring. Use Astarion’s Fog Cloud spell once again, this time covering the chest adjacent to where Pandirna was sitting along with the Alchemist’s Cabinet to the right. This tactic will conceal your actions, allowing you to open the chest and retrieve the cabinet key, as well as a handful of valuable items. These items can include poisons found inside the cabinet, which can prove useful in your future endeavors. Alternatively, if you prefer a risk-free approach, wait until you have completed the Grove quest and the area is empty. At this point, you can seize everything without any opposition.

Rescuing Pandirna in Baldur’s Gate 3 demands resourcefulness and strategic decision-making. By following the step-by-step instructions outlined in this article, you will successfully save Pandirna and potentially acquire some valuable items along the way. Remember, weighing the benefits and risks of your actions is crucial in this immersive game. Good luck on your adventure in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3!


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