Recent rumors suggest that publisher 2K has secured the official FIFA license and is set to develop the next football game, potentially titled FIFA 2K25. The speculation comes from retailer MohPlay Inc., which claimed that a partnership between 2K and FIFA has been “confirmed,” with a new game expected to launch this year.

Questionable Development Timeline

However, what raises eyebrows about this rumor is the quick turnaround on the game’s development. If a new FIFA game is indeed in the works for release this year, it raises questions about the timeline in which 2K secured the license and began developing the game. It suggests that a studio, likely Visual Concepts, may have already been working on a football game while negotiations with FIFA were still ongoing.

Further adding credibility to MohPlay Inc.’s claim, Insider Gaming’s Mike Straw hinted at a possible upcoming announcement, stating that “we could be getting an announcement soon,” and noting that no official sources were willing to confirm the partnership. If these rumors are true, it opens up the possibility of 2K entering the interactive football market and challenging EA’s long-standing dominance.

For years, EA has held a virtual monopoly in the football gaming industry, especially after Konami phased out the ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’ branding. With EA Sports FC 24 consistently topping charts, the addition of 2K into the mix could shake up the status quo. The prospect of 2K taking on the FIFA license raises questions about whether they can provide a genuine challenge to EA’s stronghold in this niche.

Looking to the Future

As fans await confirmation and details from 2K and FIFA, the potential partnership opens up exciting possibilities for the future of football gaming. Would you like to see 2K take on the FIFA license in the years to come? Could their entry into the fray elevate the quality and competitiveness of football games in the market? Only time will tell if this rumored collaboration will indeed materialize and how it might impact the gaming landscape.


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