Recent rumors about the highly anticipated Horizon MMO have left fans in disbelief. Speculation suggests that this game could potentially be limited to mobile and PC platforms, with no release planned for the PS5. While there has been no official confirmation of a Horizon MMO in development, rumors of a collaboration between Sony and NCSoft have been circulating since 2022. These rumors have gained traction due to job listings and insider reports, adding just enough credibility to ignite excitement.

The Possible Exclusion of the PS5

One particular Twitter user, Kurakasis, compiled recent information about the MMO, bringing attention to an NCSoft recruitment ad. The ad hints at a “next-generation open-world PC/mobile MMORPG through collaboration with famous overseas IP.” This description aligns with the long-rumored Horizon game, but the mention of “PC/mobile” raises concerns among fans. Social media responses echo the worries, with users expressing skepticism about an MMO based on a game that was originally released exclusively for the PlayStation but appears to be skipping a PS5 launch.

“Yaaaa, PC and Mobile is never a good sign for an MMO. Also NCSoft, not a good sign there either with their output and monetization/P2W history,” one Reddit user remarks. The sentiment is echoed across Twitter, as fans express their disappointment and reservations about the direction this potential MMO is taking.

It is important to note that the absence of PS5 involvement doesn’t necessarily eliminate the possibility of a future release on the console. While the MMO might not be in development for the PS5 at the moment, it does not rule out the potential for a later release. However, the notion that a game based on one of PlayStation’s most prominent properties may not be available on their own console has left many fans incredulous.

Interestingly, Sony has previously expressed their intent to expand into the PC and mobile gaming market. It is possible that this decision might have influenced the reported absence of a PS5 release for the Horizon MMO. By developing a different type of game and branching out to other platforms, Sony may be aiming to attract non-PlayStation fans and broaden the reach of Aloy’s adventures. This strategic move might be part of Sony’s larger vision for the future.

Despite the potential reasoning behind the exclusion of the PS5, fans are finding it difficult to come to terms with the possibility of not being able to experience the Horizon MMO on their preferred console. The disappointment and skepticism expressed on social media highlight the strong emotional connection fans have with the game and their desire to see it thrive on the platform that started it all.

As more information becomes available, fans will undoubtedly be watching closely for any confirmation or updates regarding the Horizon MMO. Whether it eventually finds its way to the PS5 or remains limited to PC and mobile, the anticipation for this game continues to build within the gaming community.


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