Last Epoch, developed by Eleventh Hour Games, is poised to challenge the long-standing reign of Diablo in the action-RPG genre. With its unique time-travel mechanic and impressive launch trailer, the game shows promise as it prepares to exit Early Access in just over a month.

Having entered Early Access in 2019, Last Epoch emerged from a group of developers who were brought together by a Reddit post. Boosted by a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $255,000 in the spring of 2018, Eleventh Hour Games has been diligently crafting this ambitious project. The launch trailer offers a glimpse into the game’s moody lore and world, emphasizing the player’s mission to save it by traversing through time.

While the trailer does not delve deeply into gameplay mechanics, Last Epoch boasts a staggering array of customization options. With over 100 skills, each with its own skill tree and progression, players will have the freedom to create unique builds tailored to their playstyle. The hack-and-slash gameplay loop, a staple of the genre, is complemented by the thrill of discovering randomized loot dropped by defeated enemies. Additionally, players can utilize their collected items to craft increasingly powerful gear, adding another layer of depth to character progression.

Last Epoch’s developers have placed considerable emphasis on the game’s endgame content. Alongside the main campaign, players will have the opportunity to venture into alternative timelines that introduce fresh scenarios based on their actions. This branching narrative system adds replayability and expands upon the established formula. Furthermore, an arena mode awaits players seeking a continuous challenge, where they can climb the leaderboards by battling waves of enemies.

The Journey Thus Far

Despite being in Early Access, Last Epoch has achieved considerable success, racking up over a million copies sold. The game’s popularity is a testament to its engaging gameplay and compelling world. While the full 1.0 release was initially planned for December, the developers decided to delay it until February 21st to ensure a polished final product. Throughout Early Access, Eleventh Hour Games introduced new classes, such as the spell-slinging Runemaster, and has promised continued support with regular content updates and an economy reset. Competitive events will also be a part of the game’s future, further bolstering its longevity and replay value.

Last Epoch is an indie action-RPG that aims to challenge the titans of the genre. With its time-travel mechanic, extensive skill customization, and captivating endgame content, the game has already garnered a dedicated player base during its Early Access phase. As the release of the full game approaches, fans eagerly await the chance to embark on a journey through time and claim the ARPG throne for themselves.


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