LG recently unveiled its latest innovation, the CineBeam Qube laser projector. With a sleek and minimalist look, this projector is designed to fit effortlessly into any home or office space. Weighing only 3.28 pounds and measuring just 135mm square on one side and 80mm wide at the front, it offers a compact solution for those seeking a portable and versatile projection device.

The CineBeam Qube boasts several notable features that make it stand out in the market. It has an unspecified number of HDMI eARC and USB-C ports, providing connectivity options for various devices. Additionally, it is equipped with a 3W built-in mono speaker for decent audio quality. Most impressively, the projector can project an up-to-120-inch image at full 4K resolution, thanks to its standard 1.2 throw ratio.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. One significant downside is the projector’s relatively dim 500 ANSI lumens, which falls short compared to other models in its category. This limited brightness may affect the overall visual experience, particularly in well-lit environments. Although the CineBeam Qube supports HDR 10, it may not deliver the vibrant and impactful visuals that brighter HDR TVs can provide. Therefore, it is essential to use the projector in a dark room for optimal results.

Another aspect to consider is the operating system used by the CineBeam Qube. LG opted for its webOS, a functional OS on its own, but lacking the diversity and flexibility of competing platforms like Google TV or Apple’s tvOS. While webOS provides a user-friendly interface and access to various streaming services, the absence of certain features may limit the overall user experience. It is worth noting that the projector’s capabilities beyond the basics mentioned above remain undisclosed, leaving users curious about potential additional functionalities.

Despite its limitations, the CineBeam Qube possesses an undeniable charm and uniqueness. Its design evokes nostalgia for the past, reminiscent of the 90s CGI cartoon ReBoot’s Binomes and the hand-cranked Bell & Howell 8mm camera. The inclusion of a handle adds to its appeal, making it reminiscent of beloved gadgets like the GameCube. While some may find the company’s description of it as a “stylish interior accessory” questionable, there is an undeniable allure to this compact and quirky tech device.

Unfortunately, LG has not provided any details regarding the release date and pricing of the CineBeam Qube. It remains uncertain whether the projector will support features from other LG projectors, such as AirPlay 2 and smart voice control. Potential buyers will have to wait for further updates from LG to make an informed decision about this intriguing device.

LG’s CineBeam Qube laser projector offers a compact and visually appealing option for those in need of a portable projection device. While it may have some limitations in terms of brightness and operating system, its unique design and versatile capabilities make it an attractive choice for tech enthusiasts who appreciate a touch of nostalgia. As we await more information about its release and pricing, it is undoubtedly a device worth keeping an eye on in the world of home entertainment technology.


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