Metal Slug Tactics, a new turn-based strategy game based on the iconic SNK series, offers players a fresh take on the classic sidescrolling shooter. In this tactical RPG, players will guide the Peregrine Falcons squad through challenging missions, leveling up characters, improving weapons, and making strategic decisions along the way.

One of the key features of Metal Slug Tactics is its tactical combat system. Players must carefully plan their moves, as each character can both move and shoot in the same turn. Additionally, staying on the move provides a damage reduction modifier, making it crucial for survival in battle. By utilizing the Sync attack mechanic, players can unleash devastating combos and maximize damage output.

As players progress through the game, they will unlock powerful special abilities unique to each character. Building up Adrenaline by performing actions such as running, gunning, and executing Sync attacks enables players to unleash these abilities at crucial moments. Furthermore, the iconic Metal Slug armored vehicle makes its return, allowing players to pilot various vehicles with different capabilities. Managing resources such as fuel adds another layer of strategy to gameplay.

In Metal Slug Tactics, players must make strategic decisions on which missions to complete and which resources to prioritize. Fallen squad members can be revived using 1up tokens, but reinforcements are limited. Players can earn additional reinforcements by completing specific objectives, adding a risk-reward element to the gameplay. By carefully balancing resources and objectives, players can ensure their squad’s success on the battlefield.

Overall, Metal Slug Tactics offers a fresh and engaging take on the classic franchise, combining deep strategic gameplay with the beloved characters and vehicles of the Metal Slug series. With its tactical combat system, unique abilities, and resource management mechanics, the game promises to provide hours of challenging and rewarding gameplay for fans of turn-based strategy games. Get ready to lead the Peregrine Falcons to victory in this exciting new spin-off.


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