As New Year’s Eve approaches, people around the world are making plans to ring in the new year in their own special way. From family gatherings to fireworks displays, the possibilities for celebrating this annual event are endless. However, one Polish gaming group has come up with a truly unique and explosive idea to mark the occasion.

A Shitposting Community with a Twist

The group, known as “baldurawka,” is a shitposting community primarily focused on the game Baldur’s Gate 3 and Dungeons & Dragons as a whole. While shitposting may not sound like the most productive or meaningful activity, this community has found a way to turn it into something special.

Who is Gale?

Gale, a party member in Baldur’s Gate 3, plays a significant role in this explosive event. Players who spend enough time helping Gale unlock a devastating magical power known as the Netherese Orb’s spell. This power can be unleashed in two different ways, bringing about different outcomes in the game.

The first option to explode Gale occurs near the end of Act Two. By choosing this option, not only Gale but also the game’s big baddies and the entire party meet their explosive demise. This unexpected turn of events cuts the game short, rendering Act Three unplayable.

Alternatively, the second option presents itself during the final boss fight. While Gale sacrifices himself, the cutscenes continue as usual, resulting in a more satisfying conclusion for players.

The Explosive Gale Event

The baldurawka gaming group has planned an event on New Year’s Eve where players will simultaneously explode Gale in Baldur’s Gate 3. This unusual celebration has caused quite a stir amongst the gaming community, with many expressing their excitement and curiosity about the outcome.

Unfortunately, the Explosive Gale Facebook group is private, so outsiders are unable to see the discussions and plans surrounding the event. It remains a mystery whether this explosive act will take place during Act Two or Act Three.

This unique New Year’s Eve celebration highlights the power of gaming to bring people together. The baldurawka gaming group has built a supportive and enthusiastic community around their shared love for Baldur’s Gate 3 and D&D. Their creative and unconventional approach to celebration is a testament to the creative spirit and camaraderie that gaming can foster.

As the clock strikes twelve, and fireworks light up the sky, the members of baldurawka will be exploding Gale in a monumental display of gaming passion. It is events like these that remind us of the magic that gaming can create and the sense of belonging that can be found within gaming communities.

So whether you’re spending New Year’s Eve with family, friends, or snuggled up with your favorite games, take a moment to appreciate the unique and diverse ways in which people celebrate this special night. And who knows, maybe next year you’ll find yourself partaking in an explosive gaming event of your own.


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