Skyrim, the critically acclaimed open-world game developed by Bethesda, has proven time and time again to be a challenging adventure. However, one brave player decided to push their limits even further by playing the game on its most difficult setting, Legendary, and incorporating self-imposed permadeath and other punishing restrictions. After an astounding 150 hours of gameplay and the demise of four characters, Redditor Inward_Perfection emerged victorious. In this article, we will critically analyze their journey and explore the advice they offer for fellow adventurers.

Inward_Perfection’s triumphant strategy may come as a surprise to some. Despite their initial aversion to stealth in games, they emphatically recommend being a stealth archer to conquer the Legendary difficulty. While this archetype has garnered a reputation as a reliable choice, it is worth questioning whether relying on a seemingly overused character build detracts from the novelty and challenge of the experience.

Aside from emphasizing the efficacy of the stealth archer playstyle, Inward_Perfection also places great importance on illusion spells like Calm/Pacify. These spells, they claim, work universally regardless of the difficulty setting. Moreover, they suggest utilizing Lord/Atronach Stones for their unparalleled benefits on Legendary. However, it is essential to examine the potential drawbacks of relying heavily on magic in combat. By doing so, we can gauge whether this strategy limits one’s experience or enhances the overall challenge.

Inward_Perfection offers a valuable tip for PC players by recommending the use of a mod called Violens to disable killcams against the player. While this suggestion may be helpful for those seeking a more immersive experience, it raises concerns about the potential impact on the game’s intended difficulty. Moreover, console players are left wondering if such adjustments are even possible. By scrutinizing the reliance on mods for enhancing gameplay, we can determine whether they provide a fair advantage or hinder the player’s growth.

Inward_Perfection’s approach to Skyrim’s Legendary difficulty extends far beyond mere character building. Their self-imposed restrictions include omitting fast travel, limiting followers to quest-specific companions, avoiding excessive crafting or skill grinding, abstaining from infinite stamina soups, and more. While these limitations undoubtedly add another layer of challenge, it is essential to evaluate their impact on the overall player experience. Do they enhance immersion and promote strategic decision-making, or do they result in unnecessary frustration?

Inward_Perfection’s journey through Skyrim’s Legendary difficulty provides valuable insights and recommendations for those seeking to overcome the game’s most challenging settings. However, it is crucial to critically analyze their advice and consider the potential consequences it may have on immersion, gameplay, and the overall satisfaction derived from the experience. By consciously reflecting on these strategies and pushing the boundaries of our approach, we can create truly unique and gratifying adventures within the world of Skyrim.


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