The highly anticipated crime game Payday 3 has experienced a turbulent launch, plagued with server issues and matchmaking difficulties. Players have been subjected to long queues and frustrating waiting times, deterring them from enjoying the game. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, developer Starbreeze has made the decision to temporarily take the game offline on Tuesday 26th and Friday 28th September. The purpose of this downtime is to explore solutions that can reduce the game’s reliance on internet access and improve server and matchmaking stability. Despite the promised improvements, this move has caused significant disappointment among the player community.

In an official announcement on Starbreeze’s website, the developers admitted that the Payday 3 matchmaking infrastructure has not performed as expected. They attributed the connection troubles to an undisclosed partner, placing blame on them for the game’s difficulties. The developers stated that an unforeseen error occurred within the matchmaking software, rendering it unable to handle the overwhelming number of players. This resulted in an unrecoverable situation for Starbreeze’s third-party matchmaking partner. Although a new version of the matchmaking server software was introduced, providing some improvement, a subsequent software update from the partner reintroduced instability to the infrastructure. The partner is currently working to rectify and stabilize the online systems of Payday 3.

Starbreeze acknowledges the need for immediate and long-term actions to address the ongoing issues. In the short-term, their focus is on enhancing the overall player experience. This could involve evaluating alternative solutions and minimizing the game’s dependence on online services. Furthermore, the developers are considering finding a new partner for matchmaking services to ensure more reliable connectivity in the future. Payday 3’s creators maintain confidence in the game’s core product and its quality, reassuring players that they are committed to regaining community trust. However, the journey ahead will require dedicated effort and consistent work.

In addition to the server and matchmaking problems, Payday 3 has faced criticism over its skill gating system. This system presents a barrier that makes it difficult for new players to succeed unless they have already invested a significant amount of time into the game. Such a design choice hinders the game’s ability to welcome and engage new players. Nevertheless, despite these challenges, there are aspects of the game that players find enjoyable, as noted in Alice Bee’s Payday 3 review.

Payday 3’s launch has been marred by severe server instability and matchmaking difficulties, causing frustration and disappointment among players. Starbreeze, the developer, is taking steps to address these issues by temporarily taking the game offline and exploring solutions to reduce reliance on internet access. The long-term plan involves evaluating new matchmaking partners and minimizing the game’s dependence on online services. Despite the initial setbacks, the developers remain confident in the core product and its quality. However, the game’s skill gating system has received criticism for its hindrance to new players. Payday 3’s future success will depend on the developer’s ability to rectify these issues, regain community trust, and create a more welcoming and enjoyable experience for players.


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