In the world of video games, the platformer genre holds a special place in the hearts of gamers. It evokes nostalgia and fond memories of simpler times in gaming history. Penny’s Big Breakaway, the upcoming 3D platformer from the developers of Sonic Mania, aims to capture that essence while also bringing in fresh ideas and vibrant visuals. With the first previews now available, it’s time to take a closer look at what makes this game a potential standout in the genre.

One of the prevailing sentiments among previewers is that Penny’s Big Breakaway is an incredible 3D platformer that excels in numerous aspects. The game introduces Penny and her newly animated friend, Yo-Yo, in a bright and colorful world called Macaroon. The level design and the clever use of Yo-Yo as a traversal tool have impressed critics, with God Is A Geek describing it as potentially reaching “an all-time high for the genre.” This praise speaks volumes about the game’s innovation and potential to captivate players.

While Penny’s Big Breakaway draws inspiration from classic platformers, it incorporates elements that set it apart from its predecessors. Coming from the developers behind Sonic Mania, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the game emphasizes the mastery of controls, platforming, and high-speed gameplay. Digital Trends highlights the studio’s ability to recontextualize these strengths into a whole new kind of platformer, solidifying their position as a developer to watch in the genre. This fresh take on the Sonic formula offers an exciting twist for fans craving thrilling platforming experiences.

Replayability is a crucial factor in the platformer genre, and Penny’s Big Breakaway seems to have nailed it. Screen Rant commends the game for its replay value, stating that it is “beautifully replayable.” Whether players aim to rack up points in the campaign or strive for faster times in the Time Attack mode, there’s a sense of mastery and challenge that keeps them coming back for more. This aspect provides longevity to the game and ensures that players will find it enjoyable even after completing the main story.

Penny’s Big Breakaway successfully evokes nostalgia while also showcasing its charm as a modern platformer. Shacknews describes it as a “charming throwback” that emphasizes score chasing and time attacks. The inclusion of Time Attack trials after completing stages in Story Mode adds an additional layer of challenge and extends the game’s lifespan. However, critics point out that the game still needs some additional polishing and optimization. Performance hitches during cutscenes were noted, suggesting that the developers could benefit from more time to fine-tune these aspects. Nevertheless, the potential is evident, and the excitement surrounding the game remains high.

In an era of complex and graphically intensive games, Penny’s Big Breakaway transports players back to simpler times. The game understands and embraces the design principles that made its inspirations successful. Kotaku’s Australian branch highlights the “simple pleasure” that the game offers, emphasizing that it appeals to those who appreciate the nostalgia and straightforward enjoyment of classic platformers. While it may not be perfect, the game’s ability to capture the essence of the platformer genre and elicit feelings of affection bodes well for its reception among gamers.

Penny’s Big Breakaway showcases the potential to become a standout title in the platformer genre. With its impressive level design, utilization of traversal tools, and emphasis on mastery and replayability, the game offers a fresh take on the classic formula. While there may be areas that require further refinement, the overall impression from the previews is positive. If you’re a fan of platformers and want to experience a modernized take on the genre, Penny’s Big Breakaway is certainly a game to keep an eye out for. Get ready to embark on a vibrant and acrobatic adventure filled with nostalgic charm and exhilarating gameplay.


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