Prison Architect, the acclaimed carceral management simulation game, is back with a bang. The highly anticipated Prison Architect 2 was officially announced recently and brought with it some exciting changes that are sure to delight fans. With a release date set for March 26th, this new installment promises to take the franchise to new heights. One of the most significant upgrades is the switch to a 3D environment, which adds a whole new layer of depth to the gameplay experience.

In addition to the visual overhaul, Prison Architect 2 also boasts robust mod support. Game director Gaz Wright revealed that the team has listened to the modding community and strived to create a platform that caters to their needs. Unlike its predecessor, which heavily relied on external mods, Prison Architect 2 will have an integrated mod editor for PC players. This means that even novice modders will be able to create their own characters, items, models, and room types. The dedication to modding is evident, as the developers want players to have the tools and support necessary to unleash their creativity.

Console Players Get in on the Fun

Console players will no longer feel left out in Prison Architect 2. While they won’t have access to the mod editor, they will be able to enjoy mods created by the PC modding community. This inclusion was a response to feedback from Prison Architect 1, where console players yearned for the exciting mods available on PC. With the addition of console mod support, Double Eleven, the game’s publisher, ensures that all players can benefit from the creative endeavors of the modding community.

Interestingly, Prison Architect 2 will not distribute mods through Steam Workshop, as its predecessor did. Instead, it is likely that the game will adopt Paradox’s mod sharing platform, Paradox Mods. This platform has already proven successful in games like Crusader Kings 3 and is set to support multi-platform mods in Cities: Skylines 2. The decision to use Paradox Mods aligns with Double Eleven’s vision of expanding mod accessibility while maintaining a streamlined and efficient distribution system.

Despite some concerns regarding the stewardship of Prison Architect by Paradox and Double Eleven following their acquisition of the intellectual property from the original creators, Introversion, Prison Architect 2 signals a promising future for the franchise. The developers have taken the community’s feedback to heart and have demonstrated their commitment to creating a game that excels in both gameplay and modding support. Excitingly, Introversion is also venturing into new territory with their upcoming game, The Last Starship, a spaceship construction and management simulation currently in early access.

Prison Architect 2 is shaping up to be an exceptional addition to the carceral management simulation genre. With its leap into the world of 3D graphics, enhanced mod support, and a revamped mod distribution system, the game promises to captivate both new and returning players. The dedication of the development team to the modding community is commendable, and it sets a standard for other game developers to follow. March 26th cannot come soon enough for fans eager to see the evolution of Prison Architect in this highly anticipated sequel.


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