The upcoming second season of the popular multiplayer team shooter, The Finals, is set to bring some exciting new changes to the game. One of the headline additions is the introduction of a new Hacker playstyle, which will offer players a set of gadgets for each of the Light, Medium, and Heavy classes. These gadgets will allow players to manipulate the world in new and interesting ways, such as creating portals, dematerializing objects, and even transforming objects into other objects. Each class will also receive new weapons to use in combat, adding a fresh element to the gameplay.

Season 2 of The Finals will also introduce a new map called SYS$HORIZON, set in a neon city environment. This new map will provide players with a vibrant and futuristic setting to battle it out in. In addition to the new map, a new five-on-five casual game mode called Power Shift will be introduced. In this mode, two teams will compete to escort a giant floating platform through the city, smashing through buildings in its path. This mode promises to add a strategic element to the gameplay, similar to Overwatch’s Push mode.

For players looking for a more competitive experience, Season 2 of The Finals will revamp the game’s League System to provide a better overall experience. The developers at Embark have stated that the new league rewards and Career Circuit will offer players weekly rewards and the opportunity to rank up from Rookie to Master by completing contracts. This addition aims to add depth to the game’s competitive scene and give players a sense of progression as they climb the ranks.

In response to player feedback, the new season of The Finals will start testing private matches in a “feature-limited” beta. This feature will allow players to create custom matches with friends, providing a more personalized and social gaming experience. Additionally, Season 2 is expected to bring new cosmetic items to the game, as hinted at in the teaser trailer. Players can look forward to new skins and costumes, including a TV-headed costume reminiscent of Saga’s Prince Robot.

Season 2 of The Finals is shaping up to be an exciting and refreshing update to the game. With the introduction of new playstyles, game modes, and a revamped League System, players can expect a new and improved gameplay experience. Whether you enjoy casual matches with friends or competitive ranked play, there is something for everyone in The Finals Season 2. Keep an eye out for the release on March 14th and get ready to dive into the neon city world of The Finals.


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