In a surprising turn of events, fans of the multiplayer FPS game LawBreakers have managed to bring the game back to life after five years of it being shut down. LawBreakers, developed by Boss Key Productions and spearheaded by renowned designer Cliff Bleszinski, faced a premature closure due to poor sales shortly after its launch. However, a dedicated group of fans have worked tirelessly to revive the game and recently conducted the first public test to showcase their efforts.

LawBreakers originally launched in August 2017 to mixed reviews. While the game received praise for its zero gravity segments and polished shooter mechanics, it struggled to attract a significant player base. Boss Key Productions attempted to pivot towards the battle royale genre with Radical Heights but ultimately had to shut down the studio in May 2018. Following the closure, the game servers were also taken offline in September 2018, marking the end of LawBreakers’ official run.

However, starting from 2020, a group of dedicated fans known as the unofficial RELB Project began working towards bringing LawBreakers back from the dead. After extensive efforts, they successfully ran the first public test using their custom launcher, allowing players to experience the game once again. While the revival is still in its early stages, the team behind the project is actively working to address technical challenges and improve the overall experience for players.

The unofficial revival of LawBreakers involves creating “fake” servers that the original game client can connect to, enabling players to access the game outside of the official servers. Despite some limitations such as disabled classes and technical hiccups during the initial test, the fan-made project has garnered significant attention, especially with Cliff Bleszinski himself acknowledging and promoting the revival on social media.

Moving forward, the team behind the RELB Project is reflecting on the feedback from the recent playtest and planning for future tests to further improve the gameplay experience. While there is no clear launch plan yet, the community’s enthusiasm and support for the revival hint at a potential resurgence of interest in LawBreakers among fans who have fond memories of the game.

The unexpected revival of LawBreakers by dedicated fans showcases the resilience and passion of the gaming community. Despite the game’s turbulent history and premature closure, the efforts of the RELB Project have breathed new life into LawBreakers, offering nostalgic players a chance to revisit a beloved title. As the project continues to evolve and improve, it will be interesting to see how the future unfolds for this gravity-defying multiplayer FPS game.


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