Exciting news for fans of Japanese action-RPGs, as Reynatis, the upcoming game from a team of Final Fantasy veterans, has been confirmed for a worldwide launch later this year. Initially revealed during a Nintendo Partner Direct, there was some confusion surrounding the exclusivity of the game. However, it has since been confirmed that Reynatis will be available on Switch, PS5, PS4, and PC when it releases in fall 2024. This global launch announcement opens up the game to a wider audience and has generated buzz among gamers eagerly awaiting its arrival.

One of the key reasons for the excitement surrounding Reynatis is its development team. Led by Kazushige Nojima, known for his work on iconic titles like Final Fantasy 7 and Kingdom Hearts, and Yoko Shimomura, a veteran composer with a stellar track record, the talent behind the game is undeniably impressive. With such experienced and renowned creators at the helm, expectations are high for Reynatis to deliver a captivating story and memorable gameplay experience.

While the reveal trailer showcased Reynatis’s vibrant portrayal of modern-day Shibuya, some aspects of the game raised concerns for potential players. The character models appeared low-poly, and there were visible frame rate issues in the trailer, even on the PlayStation version. Additionally, the story seemed convoluted, focusing on wizard cops combating a city-wide addiction issue and mysterious portals in Shibuya. The lack of substantial combat footage in the trailer left questions about the depth and innovation of the gameplay mechanics.

Potential for Improvement

Despite the initial rough edges observed in the trailer, there is potential for Reynatis to evolve and refine its gameplay experience before launch. The fast-paced action-RPG combat showcased familiar mechanics like sword fighting, dodging, special abilities, and gunplay. While these elements may not be groundbreaking on their own, there is a curiosity about how they will be integrated into the game’s overall structure. The unique setting of Japan and the promise of mysterious phenomena add an intriguing layer to Reynatis, drawing players in with the allure of discovery and exploration.

As the release date for Reynatis approaches, there is a growing anticipation among fans to learn more about the game’s development progress and additional details. The involvement of industry veterans like Nojima and Shimomura instills confidence in the project’s potential, but the full picture of Reynatis remains to be seen. With the developer’s track record of varied releases in recent years, there is a mix of excitement and caution surrounding the upcoming action-RPG. Only time will tell how Reynatis will ultimately come together and resonate with players when it finally launches worldwide.


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