Rockstar Games’ highly-anticipated GTA 6 may not be seeing the light of day in 2025 as previously announced. According to sources familiar with the game’s development, there are reports of production falling behind schedule, prompting discussions of a potential delay to late 2025 or even 2026.

In response to the delays, Rockstar Games issued a “return to office” mandate in February 2024, requiring employees to work in the office five days a week. This move was allegedly motivated by concerns over security and game quality, with some speculating it was a way to push out staff without resorting to layoffs. The suddenness of the decision has left many employees frustrated.

While the initial plan was for an “early 2025” release, sources suggest that Rockstar Games may not be able to meet this deadline. The company is now considering a launch in Autumn 2025 as a more realistic option. However, there is also talk of a further delay to 2026 if necessary, as a fallback plan or emergency measure.

Despite the challenges faced in meeting the 2025 deadline, Rockstar Games appears determined to push forward with its original plans. However, this decision has raised concerns about the potential for crunch at the studio, which could lead to its own set of issues. The pressure to deliver on time may result in overworking employees and compromising the quality of the game.

The development of GTA 6 has hit some roadblocks, with internal sources indicating a possible delay in the launch date. The decision to require employees to return to the office has stirred controversy, while uncertainty looms over the release window. As Rockstar Games navigates through these challenges, the future of GTA 6 remains uncertain.


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