Excitement is in the air for LEGO and Legend of Zelda fans alike with rumours swirling about the release of a Deku Tree LEGO set. The latest information, according to Bricktastic, points towards a release date of 1st September 2024, leaving fans eager to get their hands on this highly anticipated set.

With a hefty price tag of €299.99, the Deku Tree LEGO set is said to come with a generous 2,500 pieces. Additionally, collectors can look forward to four minifigures, including Classic Link, Young Link, Breath of the Wild Link, and BOTW Zelda. Two new pieces for the Hylian Shield and Ocarina are also rumored to be included in the set.

Speculation suggests that the Deku Tree set will feature either the iconic green Ocarina of Time design or the pink Breath of the Wild design. What sets this LEGO set apart is the ability to rebuild and switch between the two designs, offering fans a unique and customizable building experience.

The buzz around the Deku Tree LEGO set first surfaced last year when a build proposal appeared in a LEGO survey. Despite copyright strikes on leaked photos and videos, the rumours resurfaced earlier this year with more detailed information from a LEGO insider. While official confirmation is still pending, the consistency in the leaks has fans hopeful for an upcoming release.

LEGO’s collaboration with Nintendo has been a hit with fans, starting with the popular Animal Crossing sets. Following the success of the initial releases, more builds were announced, continuing the partnership between the two beloved franchises. With the promise of new sets coming in August, fans can look forward to expanding their collection of Nintendo-themed LEGO sets.

The anticipation for the Deku Tree LEGO set continues to grow as more details emerge. While fans eagerly await the official release, the prospect of building their own iconic Legend of Zelda scene is enough to keep the excitement alive. With a history of successful collaborations, the future looks bright for LEGO and Nintendo fans alike.


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