Recently, a petition with only 70 signatures caught the attention of the executives behind Sea of Thieves. While the number of signatures may seem small in comparison to other fan petitions, the impact was significant. The petition, started by streamer Captain Falcore, called for the return of the Black Powder Stashes Voyages that were removed in January.

Executive Producer Joe Neate and Creative Director Mike Chapman quickly took notice of the petition and publicly expressed their interest in potentially reintroducing the beloved feature. Neate’s response on Twitter, followed by Chapman’s supportive reply, hinted at the possibility of Black Powder Stashes making a comeback in the game.

While Rare has not officially confirmed the revival of Black Powder Stashes, the positive response from the game’s leads is a promising sign for fans. The ease of reintroducing a previously existing feature like this suggests a high likelihood of its return in the near future. Players are eagerly anticipating an official announcement from Rare regarding the potential comeback.

Rare’s willingness to consider fans’ requests and engage directly with the community sets them apart from other big game developers. The fact that they are actively listening to player feedback and showing a genuine interest in meeting their demands is commendable. This level of community engagement is a contributing factor to Rare’s positive reputation among players.

The potential return of Black Powder Stashes to Sea of Thieves is generating excitement among fans. The prompt response from Rare’s executives and their willingness to consider reintroducing the feature based on a relatively small petition demonstrates their commitment to engaging with the player base. While nothing is confirmed yet, the outlook is optimistic, and players are eagerly awaiting further updates from Rare.


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