Sonos, a leading brand in audio technology, has been hinting at the release of its “most requested product ever” through emails and social media. The anticipated launch date is set for May 21st, earlier than originally projected. The product in question is believed to be the Sonos Ace, the company’s first wireless headphones. This unexpected move by Sonos has caught the attention of tech enthusiasts and consumers alike.

The timing of the Sonos Ace release could serve as a strategic move to divert attention from the recent criticism surrounding the rollout of the new Sonos app. While the app was designed to support the upcoming Ace headphones, users have expressed dissatisfaction due to missing key features like a sleep timer and local library management tools. The addition of these features might not be available for several months, further complicating the user experience.

In addition to the Sonos Ace, the company is gearing up to launch the Roam 2, a portable speaker rumored to hit the market in June. The Roam 2 is expected to feature subtle design enhancements, such as a color-matched logo and a dedicated Bluetooth pairing button. Despite the success of its predecessors, the original Roam faced criticism for its complex setup process and pairing issues. Sonos aims to address these shortcomings with the upcoming Roam 2.

While the focus is currently on the Sonos Ace and Roam 2 releases, speculations about other potential products in the pipeline have surfaced. Rumors suggest that Sonos is working on a TV streaming device, slated for a later release this year. The highly anticipated Sonos Arc soundbar is also expected to make its debut in the near future. However, it is speculated that the next Sonos Sub or the business-oriented Era 100 may be the company’s “most requested product ever.” Despite the uncertainty, the launch of the Sonos Ace headphones is poised to kick off a new era of innovation for the brand.

Sonos’ decision to accelerate the release of the Ace headphones signifies a bold step towards meeting consumer demands. With a promising lineup of products on the horizon, Sonos is poised to make waves in the audio technology industry. Stay tuned for more updates as the company continues to unveil its latest innovations.


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