Sony is rumored to be working on a new and improved version of the PS5, known as the PS5 Pro. This new console, codenamed Trinity, is expected to offer enhanced graphics and performance capabilities. The Verge recently confirmed leaked specs about the PS5 Pro, shedding light on what gamers can expect from this upgraded version of the popular console.

One of the key features of the PS5 Pro is the introduction of an ultra-boost mode for older games, which will allow them to run better on the new hardware. Sony is reportedly working on a new graphics mode for games that combines the PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution upscaling to 4K with a 60fps frame rate and ray-tracing effects. This means that existing and new PS5 games can be enhanced to take advantage of the PS5 Pro’s hardware capabilities.

Developers are being asked by Sony to create a new PS5 Pro-exclusive graphics mode in games that meet certain criteria to qualify for the PS5 Pro Enhanced label. This label will be available for games with a variety of scenarios, including 30fps games. Developers have the option to increase the target resolution for fixed resolution games on PS5 or even enhance the target maximum resolution for variable resolution games on PS5. This could result in games running at different resolutions and frame rates on the base PS5 versus the PS5 Pro.

Sony is providing developers with the flexibility to choose what aspects of their games they want to improve to qualify for the PS5 Pro Enhanced label. This could include increasing resolution, frame rates, enabling ray-tracing effects, or simply running the game at a more stable frame rate on the PS5 Pro. Developers will need to update their games to Sony’s latest SDK to take advantage of the PS5 Pro features, but some games that haven’t been updated will still benefit from better performance on the new console.

The PS5 Pro is set to revolutionize gaming with its enhanced graphics and performance capabilities. It will offer developers the tools they need to create visually stunning games that take full advantage of the new hardware. With the introduction of the PS5 Pro Enhanced label, gamers can expect to see a new standard of excellence in gaming on the popular Sony console.


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