After much speculation and anticipation, it seems that Apple fans may finally get their wish. According to tech journalist Mark Gurman, a new 24-inch iMac is set to launch as early as October 30th, ending a lengthy 900-day drought since the release of the M1 iMac in 2021. While the exact chip has not been confirmed, Gurman predicts that the new iMac will be equipped with the M3 chip, providing users with enhanced performance and capabilities.

Gurman goes on to highlight a few key indicators that suggest Apple has something significant up its sleeve. Firstly, the delay in shipping certain configurations of the iMac, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and higher-end Pro models until November raises eyebrows. This, coupled with Apple’s decision to postpone its earnings announcement until after October, has led Gurman to believe that a major product launch is imminent.

As Gurman points out, the 14- and 16-inch Pro laptops received updates in January, leaving the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the iMac in desperate need of a refresh. It has been over a year since the 13-inch MacBook Pro saw any updates, and the iMac is rapidly approaching its third year with the same chip. Apple enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting news of these updates, and if Gurman’s predictions hold true, their patience may finally be rewarded.

While Gurman doesn’t anticipate any significant design changes for the next MacBooks, he does expect internal upgrades such as improved processors and potentially minor improvements to displays. However, the real excitement may come in the form of a new iMac Pro in 2025, followed by OLED MacBook Pros with updated designs and features in 2026.

With rumors swirling and the anticipation building, Apple fans are eager for the end of October to arrive. The potential launch of a new 24-inch iMac has sparked excitement, as users look forward to experiencing the latest innovations in Apple’s lineup. As the days pass, anticipation continues to mount, and the tech world eagerly awaits the official announcement from Apple.

It seems that the long wait for a new iMac may soon be over. Mark Gurman’s insights and predictions provide a glimmer of hope for Apple enthusiasts, who are clamoring for updated devices. Whether it’s the improved performance of the M3 chip or the anticipation of future releases, Apple fans have plenty to be excited about. So mark your calendars for October 30th and prepare for a new era of iMacs.


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